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Teenage girls by a wall with graffitiWhenever we go out, we love taking selfies, although we aren't quite so sure about actually posing for pictures as such. We've done out best in these pictures, so we hope that you like them.

We've tried to pose against cool backgrounds, particularly graffiti, to make us look all the more gangster and down with the kids. However, in reality, it is hard not to just burst out laughing whenever we try to strike a serious pose. We've tried the latest 'fish gape' craze, now that the 'duck face' is on the way out, but neither really seem to suit us.

These are some of our favourite pictures where we don't look too ridiculous or posed. We've both got fairly long hair, so swooshing it around is fun whilst saying things like - 'Maybe It's Maybelline' or 'Because We're Worth It' in a Jennifer Aniston kind of way.

Nia has done some modelling for stock photography and has appeared on a number of prominent websites, including the BBC News and even Childline, so keep your eyes out for her long, fiery ginger locks.

More photos: NiliPOD on Instragram.

Click on the following photos to view them full-size, with comments:

Teenage girls by a wall with graffiti Graffiti brick wall
Girls standing by brick wall Recording podcast
Girls looking at pictures of Brooklyn Beckham Girls doing the peace sign and posing
Laughing in the bedroom while recording a podcast Laughing while looking at a funny video on the iPhone
Girls watching funny YouTube videos Eating breakfast at a Premier Inn hotel restaurant
Girls who like to lunch Enjoying hot chocolates in the kitchen
Generally messing around Posing and looking at something on the laptop computer
Looking surprised while watching a video online Laughing in the bedroom
Smiling and looking at something on the iPad, probably The bedroom studio in all its glory
Speaking into our microphone during a podcast Preparing for a podcast in the bedroom studio
Making Halloween cookies in the kitchen Playing the Pie Face game
Photo of our Christmas hot chocolates with marshmallow snowmen Playing the elastic bands on the head / face game
Scaring Liv with a frightening Halloween video Our Dan and Phil outfits
Carved pumpkin faces Cuddling the scary Halloween butler
Girls playing on the swings at the local playground Eating a homemade curry at the kitchen table
Swishing our hair in the garden Posing in front of Nia's model Halloween village
Dancing against green screen Filming against green screen
Playing chubby bunnies with marshmallows Photo of dare with spray cream
Smiling after recording podcast Photo of girls smiling for camera
Picture of Dan and Phil masks Photo of girls dressed up as Dan and Phil

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