NiliPod - Photo of Dan and Phil Face Masks

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Picture of us Wearing Dan and Phil Masks
Picture of Dan and Phil masks

Famous YouTubers Dan and Phil are a huge inspiration to us and they are just awesome. This is a picture of us dressing up as them after getting some card face masks from their online shop.

We are filming against our green screen, playing their most excellent game - the Seven Second App.

It is really good to play with your friends and basically you just get lots of challenges, which you film each other doing on the app on your mobile phone or iPad tablet computer. Then, after you have finished with your dares and challenges, you can watch the video back, which has been automatically edited into a compilation of the game.

Hours of fun, with everything from saying words backwards and selling an item of clothing, to running around touching the walls and other slightly crazy stuff like that. There are around 400 different challenges and at the end of each one, your opponent has to decide if you've 'Nailed It' or 'Failed It'.

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