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Photography has become a real hobby of mine and I have just started to sell some stock photos online, which is great fun, especially when I find out where they end up. I never go out without my Canon Powershot G7X camera around my neck, and because it is so small and compact, it never really gets in the way. And if I am planning more of a photoshoot, then I use my Canon EOS 600D on a tripod, which is a really decent SLR camera with a very useful pop-out view finder screen thing.

I'm just starting GCSE photography, and so I'll be taking lots and lots of photos over the next few years, and I thought that this page would perhaps be the perfect place to share some of my best snaps, which are all rather random. I love photographing landscapes and coastal scenery, as well as people and animals, and taking close-up photographs from unusual angles.

Some of My Photos

Photo of beach pebbles, forming background patternClose-up image of ammonite fossil
Photo of beach sunrise at BournemouthClose-up image of flames on bonfire
Photo of hot chocolate in glass mugImage of modern architecture houses
Picture of sunflowers in fieldFurther photo of sunflowers in field
Photo of penguin living at zooPhoto of rock pools at Exmouth
View of lavender field with purple flowersImage of clown fish swimming in marine aquarium
Photo of father and son fishing at SwanagePhoto of fishing harbour at Brixham
Picture of Christmas tree with star filter on fairy lightsPhoto of olives being sold in barrels at food market

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