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Hi. Welcome to my very own blog website thing - the NiliPOD.

Now, what I'm about to say is really pretty obvious, but I thought it was worth mentioning this just in case. I have made every possible effort humanly known to make sure that everything published on the NiliPOD website and mentioned on our past podcasts is accurate. However, does not warrant the completeness of this, or indeed the accuracy of anything and everything. It is all just a bit of fun and silliness, and yes, I know that wasn't really Paul Hollywood that we interviewed and we didn't really pretend otherwise.

In no event will the NiliPOD be liable for any kind of damages whatsoever, including loss of profits, in contract or tort. Anything like that is just craziness and nonsense.

All of the information is best considered 'as is' and is written and spoken without warranty. If anything has offended you in any way whatsoever, please accept my apologies and if you feel the need, then drop me an email so that I can get to the bottom of what you are on about.

I welcome voice messages and any form of communication, although do bear in mind that if you are sending in a voice message, I may actually play it out on a future podcast or YouTube video - I reserve this right. And I love to read out your emails as well, although I will obviously never disclose your email address or surname.

When it comes to privacy, any email addresses and contact details that I hold will remain with me and will never be passed onto anyone else. I cannot stand spam email either, so don't worry about that. Hope that helps to sort out any concerns in that area.

Lots of love,

Nia XXX - blogging and vlogging with a passion.

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