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I love using Instagram, because it is such an easy way to see what people are up to, including my favourite celebs. And of course, it is the perfect way to share what you're doing with your friends.

If you are interested in a little history, Instagram was only set up as recently as October 2010, so it really is only a few years ago. It's hard to remember how we ever shared photos before, Twitter and FaceBook I suppose. And in 2012, FaceBook purchased Instagram for the not insignificant sum of approximately one billion dollars. Many cool new features have been added since, with this app now offering similar functionality to Snapchat now, including disappearing stories.

I generally look at Instagram most days and post several things each week on both my personal account (@dknia) and the official website / YouTube account (@nilipod). On the @nilipod page, I always post the thumbnail images from my YouTube videos and other related 'behind the scenes' stuff.

So, take a look, maybe give a cheeky like on some photos, and maybe even start following - and don't forget to comment.

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