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YouTube video ideasI get asked lots of questions all of the time, either via YouTube comments, Instagram DMs or emails, and very often the same questions crop up again and again - FAQs! These include asking my age, what cameras do I use, what editing software have I got and things like this, as well as 'Do you have any video suggestions or ideas?'

So, with that in mind, I've started to compile a very long list of 300+ ideas for YouTube videos. As I think of more things, I will add them to the list, and if you have any suggestions, then just let me know and I'll add yours too.

Most of these ideas for YouTube videos are fairly self-explanatory from the titles, but if you're not sure what they are, just ask me, or search for the title in YouTube. If I've had a go at this kind of video myself, then I'll make sure that the title links to my video. I hope that this page is a useful reference, particularly as I will be keeping it updated. These suggestions have all been grouped into categories, as I thought that would make them easier to reference.

At Home and Holiday
Morning Routine
Night Routine
Themed Morning and Night Routines (swimming, gymnastics, dancing, football, other sports, etc.)
Pamper Night
50 Things In My Room
Room Tour
Things To Take On Holiday
Camping With Friends
Things I Regret Buying
What To Do On The Beach

About Me
50 Facts About Me
Snapchat Q&A
My Instagram
My FaceBook
Meet and Greet
Embarrassing Stories
Googling Myself
Draw My Life
Most Awkward Moments
My Favourite YouTubers
How To Survive School
School Life Hacks
Reacting To My Baby Videos / Photos
My First Time
Reacting To My Old Diary
Things I Thought Were True But Aren't True
Best Day Ever
Worst Day Ever
Asking Random Questions
Pets Routine (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, birds, fish, etc.)
Life Experiences Storytime (things that have happened to you, good and bad)
Freebies That I've Got
My First Six Months on YouTube
My First Year on YouTube

Taboo - Guess The Word
Wet Head
Never Have I Ever
Innuendo Bingo
Game of Phones
Cards Against Humanity
Electric Shock Game
Lie Detector Game
2 Truths 1 Lie
Truth or Dare
Celebrity Initials Game
Chubby Fat Suit Twister
Chubby Fat Suit Wrestling
Chubby Fat Suit Dance Contest
Obama Llama
Splash Timer Questions
Chain Reaction
Call My Bluff
Would You Rather
Snog, Marry, Avoid
Most Likely To
The Voting Game
Sibling Tag
Best Friend Tag
Boyfriend Tag
The Who Game
Toilet Tag
Pie Tennis (Matt Edmondson 'related things' game)
Not Morgan FreePeach (Matt Edmondson game)
Fictional Friends
Stuff Your Mouth
Slip and Slide
Guess That YouTuber
Gargling Water and Singing a Song
Gargling Water and Doing Impressions
Tattoo Game
No Teeth Game
Heads Up
Mask and Ask
5 Second Rule
Dare or Dare
Not My Arms
The Cube
Million Pound Drop
Not Safe For YouTube
Celebrity Merge Game
Playing Video Games / Gaming
Mr & Mrs - How Well Do You Know Each Other Game
Word Association Game
Word Dis-Association Game
Guess The Twitter Comments
Photoshopped Celebrity Face Game
Wonky Donkey
Family Fortunes
Homes Under The Hammer Game?
Christmas Quiz
Not Quite Right Quiz - Saying the Wrong Answers
Funny Things That Children Say
Blindfolded Describing Game
Movie Facts - True or False
Want a Word (Sharon Osbourne Show)
You Say We Pay (Richard and Judy Show)
BrainBox (Spot the Difference)
The Chase
Guess the Movie from the Plot
Deal or Not Deal
Blankety Blank (BlankR)
Only Connect
Play Your Cards Right
Question of Sport
Charades (Give Us A Clue)
The Price Is Right
Telly Addicts
Jenga Boom
Giant Garden Jenga
Gouie Louie
Moustache Smash
Time Machine
Minecraft vs Roblox
Outdoor Garden Games (giant Connect 4, croquet, mini golf, swingball, limbo, etc.)
Fill Me In (Start of a Google Search)
Wiki Races (Wikipedia)
Drinking and Flipping Cups (on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

Makeup and Beauty Related
Hair Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial
Pinterest Beauty Hacks Testing
Girl Does Boy's Makeup
Boy Does Girl's Makeup
Nail Polish Tutorials
2 Minute Makeup
3 Minute Makeup
5 Minute Makeup
5 Minute Makeover
10 Minute Makeover
Skincare Routine
Blindfolded Nail Polish
Blindfolded Makeup
Get Ready With Me (GRWM)
Drugstore GRWM
High-End Makeup GRWM
5 Minute GRWM
10 Minute GRWM
Going Out GRWM
Concert GRWM
Party GRWM
Wedding GRWM
Drugstore Makeup vs High-End Makeup
Makeup Hacks
Makeup Myths
School Makeup
Starter Makeup Kit
Drugstore Starter Makeup Kit
Budget Makeup Kit
High-End Makeup Kit
Friend Makeover
Makeup Dupes
Mixed-Up Makeup Game
Kylie Jenner Makeup
Peel-Off Makeup Game
No Mirror Makeup
One Brand Makeup Look
Themed Decade Makeup (e,g. 1960s, 1970s)
Birthday Makeup
Christmas Makeup
Fancy Dress Makeup
Crazy Makeup Looks
Makeup Horry Stories
Makeup Fakes vs Genuine Products
Boy Guessing The Price of Girl's Makeup
No Thumbs Makeup Game
My Go To Makeup Products
Taking Off Makeup Challenge

Making, DIY and Hacks
Life Hacks
DIY Ideas
DIY Stuff
Sugar Lip Scrubs
Making Slime
Making Homemade Facepacks
DIY Birthday Gifts
DIY Christmas Presents
Making Greetings Cards

Pizza Challenge
Eat It or Wear It
Smoothie Challenge
Egg Roulette
Oreo Roulette
Baby Food Challenge
Photo Booth Challenge
What's In My Mouth
Blindfolded Cat Whiskers Challenge
Try No To Laugh Challenge / React
Try Not To Cry / React
Try Not To Cringe / React
Make Someone Laugh in 30 Seconds
Gymnastics Challenge
Yoga Challenge
7 Second Challenge
Speech Jammer
Stripped Down Challenge
Bean Boozled
Face Swap Challenge
Whisper Challenge / Read My Lips
Pringles Challenge
Q-Tip Darts
Oreo Challenge
Corn on the Drill (DANGEROUS)
Headband Challenge
Elastic Bands on your Face
Chilli Roulette
Trust Fall Challenge
Clothes Peg on the Face
Chubby Bunny (Be careful not to choke!)
No Thumbs
Mouth Guard Challenge
Wassabi Challenge
Duck Tape Challenge
Juice Challenge
Don't Pop It Challenge (Boom Boom Balloon)
Balloon Roulette
OSMO Cookie Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge
Cotton Wool Ball Challenge
Ice Cream Sundae Challenge
Tin Can Challenge
Last Word Challenge
Arm Wrestling
Attempting To Break World Records
Don't Blink
Feeling Things Blindfolded
Soda Challenge (One Fizzy Pop Can is Shaken)
Blindfolded Smell Test
Number Clamp Challenge (ThatcherJoe)
Men's Cologne Challenge
Celebrity Scent Challenge
Outdoor Dares
Impressions and Jokes
Impressions with Helium
Pop Tart Challenge
Exploding Watermelon (with elastic bands)
Don't Break the Ice
Heads Up
Post-It Notes on the Forehead Guessing Name Game

Shopping and Fashion Related
Makeup Haul
Shopping Haul
Look Book
Lush Haul
Clothes Haul (from speciific shops, e.g. Primark, Matalan, New Look, TopShop, H&M, etc.)
Undercover Shopping
Spring and Summer Wardrobe
Autumn and Winter Wardrobe
My Go To Outfits
My Go To Accessories
Style Ideas

Favourites Videos
Monthly Favourites
Favourite YouTubers
Favourite Clothes
Favourite Perfumes / Fragrances
Favourite Bags / Handbags
Favourite Candy, Sweets and Chocolate
Favourite Food
Favourite Drinks

What's Videos
What's In My Bag
What's In My Handbag
What's In My Camera Bag
What's In My School Bag
What's In My Pencil Case
What's On My Phone
What's On My iPad / Tablet
What's On My Laptop
What's On My Computer

Toy Reviews / Testing Kids Toys
Film Reviews
Makeup Reviews
Book Reviews
Music Reviews
Weird Apps
Beauty Product Reviews
Haircare Reviews
Camera Reviews

Holiday Vlogs
General Vlogs
Woodland Walk
Birthday Party Vlog
Christmas Vlog / Vlogmas
Surprising Friends

Cooking and Food
Baking Cakes
Baking Cookies
Cooking in the Microwave
Making a Gingerbread House
Pancake Art
Ultimate Sandwich
Making Mug Cakes in the Microwave
Making Mug Pizzas in the Microwave
Best Picnic Ever
Making Lemonade
Making Smoothies
Making Milkshakes
Healthy Eating

Gift Giving Ideas
Christmas Ideas
Christmas What's In My Mouth
Halloween Ideas
Valentine's Ideas
Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Easter Eggs and Treats
Opening Birthday Presents
Birthday Haul
Christmas Presents
Christmas Holiday Routine
Present Wrapping
Present Giving
New Year's Resolutions
Mince Pie Tasting
Outdoor Ice Skating
What To Do When You're Bored in Summer
What To Do When You're Bored in Winter

Tasting Food
American Candy Tasting
German Candy Tasting
Japanese Candy Tasting
British Candy Tasting
Icelandic Candy Tasting
Australian Candy Tasting
French Candy Tasting
Tasting Gross Candy
Tasting Gross Food
Trying Unusual Fruit
Top Five Favourite Sweets
Top Ten Favourite Sweets
Eating Jam Doughnuts Without Licking Lips
Eating Cream Crackers Competition (without drinking)
Ice Cream Taste Test
Chicken Nugget Taste Test

Makeup Collection
Lipstick Collection
Eyeshadow Collection
Nail Polish Collection
Makeup Brush Collection
Shoe Collection
Trainers / Sneakers Collection

Sports and Exercise
Working Out
Exercise Routine
Football Challenge
Sports Challenges
Extreme Sports (e.g. Rock Climbing, Caving, Abseiling, Zip lines)
Water Sports (e.g. surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, white water rafting)
How to Skip
How to Hula Hoop

Music Related
Name that Tune
Backwards Lyrics
Dance Battle
Singing with Helium

Gardening, Planting Ideas
Growing Things
Planting a Terrarium

Photography and Videoing
How I Take Photos
How I Film and Edit
How I Make My Thumbnails
How To Greenscreen
About My Camera

Other, YouTube Related
Channel Trailer
How To Deal With Haters and Trolls
How To YouTube
Reacting To Old Videos
Reading Out Weird Comments
Science Experiments
How To Survive Exams
How To Speak Internet
Parodies of Famous YouTube Videos
How To Prank Your Friends

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