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I started making videos for YouTube towards the end of 2015, as part of my iTunes podcast with a friend. During the podcasts, we used to do silly challenges and film these in case the listeners wanted to watch our antics.

These early videos were fun, but fairly basic and a bit cringe if I'm completely honest. However, they did serve as good practice for filming, editing and getting used to uploading videos to YouTube. Over the course of a few months, we filmed over 100 of these funny videos, but these are all hidden now, so the world will never be seeing these again!

I started making videos by myself in January 2017, concentrating on things like monthly favourites, makeup tutorials and reviews, challenges and games with friends (PieFace, Bean Boozled and Wet Head), days out vlogs, morning and night routines, tasting candy, Q&As and Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos.

Lots of people ask me questions about YouTube, such as how to edit, how to make thumbnails, how to get subscribers, etc. So I thought it would be useful to write a section all about these various different topics, so that they could hopefully provide a possible resource for budding YouTubers like myself.

My Videos and Vlogs
These are all my videos currently online on my YouTube channel, showing their thumbnails.

How To Make Thumbnails
A good thumbnail for YouTube videos and vlogs is really important, as it makes you stand out from the rest. I use Photoshop, which is a very comprehensive photo editor, although some YouTubers prefer PicMonkey.

Video Editing Software and Apps
There are so many different video editing apps and software options when it comes to making YouTube videos that the choice can be very confusing.

I use an Apple computer and so favour iMovie and Final Cut Pro, but I've listed all of the most popular options on this page for Macs, PCs, iPads, iOS tablets, iPhones and all other mobiles.

300+ Video Ideas
People frequently message me for video ideas, and so I decided to spend some time compiling a fairly exhaustive list of possible ideas for YouTube videos, grouped by category. Let me know if you have any more to add to this list, so that it can keep growing over time.

How To Make Good Videos and Get Subscribers
When you have made your film and uploaded it, it's so exciting when people start watching it and subscribing to your channel. If you want to create better films, get more people to watch and more subscribers, then these tips should help you.

Video of the Week
I love looking at the trending videos on YouTube and these are some of my favourites that I'd recommend checking out. The daily trending page can be found here:

Top 100 YouTube Videos
There are so many millions and millions of videos on YouTube that it's hard to comprehend just how many there are. I could easily spend all day watching one after another after another, particularly when good autoplay suggestions come up next.

My YouTube
This is my actual YouTube channel:

Featured Video: