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Photo of girl with rainbow nail polish designsPainting your nails with some nail polish is a simple way to make an impression when you go out, whether you choose a bright red colour to match your outfit, or something more subtle such as a pale pink or lilac colour. But what if you spend a little more time and create something all the more impressive, by following a simple nail art tutorial.

I've started filming a number of these nail polish videos and they seem to be going down really well. I do enjoy making them, although if I'm honest I often panic a little bit in the middle of filming (I hide this very well!) as I worry that they aren't going to turn out as planned. So far, they've all ended up looking great, especially the Galaxy nails and the cute dotted Ladybirds - or 'Ladybugs' if you are American!

If you have any requests for nail art videos, then do let me know. In the not too distant future I intend to have a go at some water marbling and also some nail stamping, although both of these techniques do look somewhat tricky and challenging, and rather messy. I'd also like to try some stenciling and masking, along with decorating my nails with gems and trying out thermo chromic metallic effects. I'll be doing some French manicures too and reviewing my new Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care System, which does look rather awesome indeed.

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