Editing YouTube Videos Software and Apps

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Planning and filming a video for YouTube is just part of the fun, together with editing. Lots of YouTubers favour different kinds of video editors, and there are certainly many to choose between.

I use an iMac computer and a MacBook, and started off using iMovie, which is fairly standard video editing software that is completely free on Apple computers. iMovie is also available as an app on iPads and iPhones, and is extremely popular with beginner YouTubers, as it is so easy to use and helps to create very professional movies.

I often spend hours editing my videos, because I want to make sure that they are the very best that they can be before I upload them to YouTube. These days I use Final Cut Pro, which is altogether far more advanced and comprehensive than iMovie, although sadly it was not free.

Final Cut Pro is only available on Apple computers and is perfect for post production, since it has a huge number of different features. These include: