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Photo of friends playing Pie FaceBelieve it or not, I'm not actually very keen on having my photo taken, in fact I'd go as far as saying I really don't like it. But I do appreciate that photos create fantastic visual memories of happy times, and so I grin (literally) and bear it.

I've done a little bit of stock modelling in the past, which was hilarious, posing with objects and trying to look as if I knew what I was doing. To be honest, I am much happier when I am behind the lens, holding the camera and pressing the shutter button to take the photograph myself. Perhaps I'm a bit of a control freak deep down, I think we all are a bit.

The photos on this page reflect a snapshot of my life, including what I get up to with my friends and my older brother Rhys. It's a bit like having my very own Instagram page, kind of, maybe. Anyway, you get the idea.

Some of my Favourite Photos

Photo of girl with long red hairImage of girl with blurred leaves in background

Portrait image of girl with red hairIsolated picture of girl against black background

Photo of girl with red hair standing by tree trunkPicture of girl with woodland background

Image of girl standing by beachFurther image of girl with beach background

Photo of girl wearing hairClose=up picture of girl with long red hair

Photo of girl wearing leather jacketPicture of girl with knitwear jumper

Photo of sliding down astro slide at funfairPicture of funfair rollercoaster - Crazy Mouse

Image of Justin Bieber masks on facesPhoto of brother and sister in back of car

Listen to music wearing headphonesImage of nail art designs with ladybirds

Playing the Seven Second Challenge appFurther picture of girls playing the Seven Second Challenge app

Photo of girl wearing school uniformFurther image of school uniform

Image of girl sitting in chair, looking at iPhonePortrait picture of girl with woodland background

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