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To me, food always tastes better when it is home-baked. Even if it doesn't look particularly great, if it is freshly made, it usually tastes beyond amazing.

Lots of people think that cooking and baking is difficult and although it can take a certain amount of practice and experience, if you are carefully following a recipe and are not in a rush, then it is relatively foolproof. I have a selection of cook books, some of which have been written by my favourite celebrity chefs, and I use these constantly for tasty ideas.

Over the last year or so, I've made a note of my favourite recipes, both sweet and savoury, and adapted many of these to my personal taste. I definitely have a sweet tooth and at the moment, my chocolate brownie cakes are going down a treat in my house. Basically, if something contains chocolate or cocoa, then I'm more than happy.

This page includes over 30 different baking recipes, covering everything from homemade pizzas, quiches and cheese scones, to Tanya Burr's tripod chocolate cookies, muffins, doughnuts and healthy(ish) flap jacks - perfect for lunch boxes.

Baking Videos
When I have some spare time and I'm in the mood for baking, I try to film it for my YouTube channel, to show people just how easy and quick it can be to make something quite delicious for your friends and family.

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