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Photo of girl putting hair upDo you have any beauty tips that you would like to share, or are their any products that you use in your hair that are simply out of this world?

Like using Mane and Tale horse shampoo for your actual hair perhaps - that's my top tip. You can buy it from Amazon and it's worth trying out. If it can make the coarse hair of a horse's tail feel soft with more volume, then it can make any hair feel silky and look shiny.

Hair Conditioning

It was in the news recently that we've all been putting on shampoo and hair conditioner in the wrong order - for years and years. Apparently you are supposed to put the conditioner on your hair BEFORE the shampoo, not after. Well, it doesn't really seem to make any difference to me. Have you tried it yourself?

I've tried conditioning my long hair with vinegar once, which was supposed to help reduce split ends. It did help a bit, but there was a bit of a problem - my hair smelt like fish and chips for several days afterwards and it took a few more washes to finally get rid of the persistent chip shop smell! I think that I should have probably used cider or wine vinegar rather than malt vinegar, probably.

Other homemade conditioner recipes that I've tried out have included mashed avocados, olive oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, butter, infused nettles and chamomile flowers, mayonnaise, egg whites, honey, aloe vera and even old flat beer (mixed with water). What's your favourite homemade recipe?

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