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Picture of girl with camera taking seaside photosWhether you are taking photos, filming a video or vlogging, you will most likely benefit from investing in some photographic equipment. Spend time researching what you need, because the problem with photography is that there are so many different choices out there, and prices.

I like to phone up camera shops and speak to an expert to discuss my needs before spending any money. Amazon can also be a very good place to research your purchase, by reading the reviews and perhaps asking questions on the page. You may even like to join a camera forum, although photographers often have different opinions, and so making a decision about what photography gear to buy is not always as straightforward as you might think. It can be quite bewildering.

Camera Bags and Rucksacks
Picture of my camera rucksack bagThe very first thing that you should perhaps buy is a decent camera bag, so that you can easily transport your camera and lenses with you, and most importantly, they will be safely packed away and protected by the bag.

I use a special photography rucksack (made by Lowepro), which is easy to carry on my back and comes with various different compartments. These can be adjusted by using the velcro around the edges, and so I've been able to make the perfect arrangement for my equipment.

If you have a huge zoom lens and are sat in a field, patiently waiting for some wildlife to appear, then a tripod is a invaluable piece of photographic equipment, as you can concentrate on framing your composition to the nearest pixel.

Tripods can also be useful for portrait photography as well, and they come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from mobile phone tripods and flexible, portable GorillaPods, to heavy and expensive professional tripods with extendable folding legs. The tripod that I use is a Velbon SX-621, which is very solid and very good, although rather old - it's almost an antique! I find it especially useful when I am filmed videos for YouTube.

A zoom lens is something that should appear in every camera bag. Although it can be a pain to change lenses when you are taking photos, using the right lens for the right photo can be the difference between taking an average shot, or an exceptional photograph.

I like using my Canon 55-250mm zoom lens to create a blurred background, and the image stabilisation feature is something that I can't recommend strongly enough. Sometimes I use an enormous 50-500mm zoom lens as well, but it is so ridiculously heavy and cumbersome, that it is difficult to hold the camera when it's on the front! I also have a useful 10-18mm wide-angle lens and a 50mm macro lens, which is perfect for close-up photography, although in fairness, I rarely use it.

A lens hood is an important addition if you are photographing in sunny weather, as it helps to prevent lens flare, as well as protecting the end of the lens from potential damage by accidental knocking. Always make sure that you have a cleaning cloth to hand, so that you can clean the lens if it is smeary or dusty.

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