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Picture of girl with camera taking countryside photosWhenever I am out and about, I always take my camera with me, because you never quite know when a photo opportunity will arise. In the past, it has been so frustrating when I have seen the most fantastic things to capture as a photograph, but unfortunately I've left my camera at home - and so that is never happening again.

I have two main cameras - a large SLR camera and a smaller compact, which has the advantage that it is very, very portable. It will easily fit into a pocket or a bag, and yet the quality of the photos / videos is really very comparable to my larger SLR camera.

I especially like landscape photography and I find that the weather, the position of the sun and the time of day are all extremely important elements to consider. Isolated trees, reflections and coastal scenery are particular favourites of mine, while wildlife photography is much more of a challenge, because the birds and animals never seem to stay still enough for me to capture them quite as I want to!

I use several different cameras for both photography and filming my YouTube videos, and I've written in detail about all of these here.

Taking Photos
How to take good quality photographs depends on a number of factors, including lighting, subjects and composition. These days, digital photography and image editing with software such as Photoshop is very much the norm.

Photographic equipment can be much more than just a decent camera. Mine includes a handy camera bag in the form of a waterproof rucksack, as well as various different lenses, filters, a tripod, a ring light, an external microphone and softbox lighting.

My Photos
On this page I've added some of my favourite photographs that I've taken in the last year or so, including some photo edits from my GCSE photography coursework.

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