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Lots of people have been asking me to talk about my skincare routine. I'm not saying that I'm a skincare expert or anything, and everyone's skin is a bit different. My skin is fairly sensitive, but, I do know how to look after my own skin and since I've been doing this, I almost never get spots.

I do this particular routine twice a day, first thing in the morning and again at night, before I go to bed, and since doing this, my skin has definitely felt softer.

First of all, before I start talking about my routine and regime, there are a few pretty obvious things that I should mention very, very quickly if you want to have really good skin. These are basics, but worth mentioning:

Having a good skincare routine can definitely make a difference to how your makeup turns out.

I've done some research into what people do and tried lots of things. So, these are the THREE things that work for me, CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURISE.

1. I love using my Liz Earle Cleanse and polish. Lots of people have been raving about this recently and I can see why.

You put one or two pumps of this into your hand and then rub it all over you face to remove dirt and dead skin.

You can rub it over your eye makeup as well. It comes with a muslin cloth, which you soak in warm water and then use to gently rub it off - this is to exfoliate the skin, so don't rub to hard or you'll make your face red.

So that's my first thing, a good cleanse to clean the skin and take off makeup.

2. Next I use this great toner, which is called Lancombe.

I put a little bit onto a cotton pad and apply this all over my face. This helps to cleanse the skin, reduce oiliness, and shrink the pores, so it is important not to miss out this stage.

3. Finally, I use No7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid to help restore moisture to my skin and prevent any dryness.

It makes it so soft - so, don't forget to moisturise.


Sometimes I have a face pack and the ones from Lush are amazing, especially the one called Mask of Magnaminty, which smells lovely. It's a bit expensive, but it does come in a smaller size. It's like a tub of mint choc chip ice cream, so don't eat it! It also smells like when you go to the dentists and weirdly I quite like this smell.

I also have a cool battery powered cleanser machine, which has different head attachments to exfoliate. I mostly use the makeup sponge head with my Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit face wash, which smells sooooooo amazing.

I like using Garnier Micella cleansing water when I have stubborn mascara and it removes it like an angel.

Occasionally I use a small face sauna steamer thing, which was quite cheap from a supermarket.

Sometimes if I have chapped lips I put Vaseline on my lips, so that they don't dry out.

And I've also got to mention this Nivea Post Shave Balm for Men. This is a great base for makeup - it really makes your makeup stick to your face like superglue and best of all, it smells of sexy man!

These are all the products that I use, they may or may not work for you, but they certainly work for me and I love them all.

Facepacks / Face Masks

I don't often waste money on facepacks when it is just so easy to make good alternatives in the kitchen. If you want to have a go yourself, then mash up a ripe banana with a few spoonfuls of plain yoghurt and spread this mixture liberally over your face for around ten minutes. Of course, remove it straight away if you develop any allergies.

After a good wash, there is no doubt that your skin will feel softer and cleansed, and if you are a bit hungry after all that sitting around, then you can eat any of the leftovers.

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