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Smiling and Laughing for the Camera
Photo of girls smiling for camera

This is a close-up of us, sitting back on the bed against the headboard and posing for a podcast website photo.

We never particularly like having our photographs taken and so Nia's older brother often pops his head around the door and some how manages to make us smile and laugh, by basically just being a bit stupid.

We took this photo just after recording one of our podcasts. They take quite a lot of planning and we follow a basic script, so that we don't accidentally leave anything out. All through the week, we keep an eye on the news, radio and newspapers, and make a note of anything that we find particularly interesting to talk about.

We don't try to be too serious though and tend to avoid anything heavy, sticking to nice light news stories with a feel-good factor. You can't go wrong with a story that makes you feel happy.

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