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Smiling after Recording a Podcast
Smiling after recording podcast

This is a picture of us in our bedroom recording studio (Nia's bedroom), sitting on the bed and lying back against the studded leather headboard, which has some pretty rose flower fairy lights draped across it.

We are relaxing after filming a Nia vs Challenge, looking a bit relieved that it wasn't anything gross or disgusting. We honestly never know what to expect with the challenges, so it is always a bit tense when we are opening the envelope and reading the instructions inside.

If you look carefully, you will notice that Liv is feeling especially festive, as she is wearing an Elf T-shirt with Will Ferrell (Buddy the Elf). It simply says' Santa's Coming', although in fairness it is only November.

Elf is definitely one of the best Christmas films ever made and it was actually directed by one of our favourite actors, Jon Favreau, star of the film Chef and maker of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever made anywhere in the world. Check out our cooking recipes page for more information about these!

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