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Playing Challenges and Dares with a Can of Spray Cream
Photo of dare with spray cream

We were filming a dare / challenge video in some gardens of a stately home, and one of the challenges was to fill our mouths up with spray cream. It was a good thing that we were outside, because it was really, really messy and the cream went everywhere.

It was especially embarrassing because there were lots of people walking past us, wondering what on earth we were up to. We just carried on though, it didn't seem worth explaining what we were doing, because we were clearly just messing around.

We always love to have a can of spray cream in the fridge, because it is so delicious and perfect for squirting on the top of a hot chocolate drink on a cold day, with some mini marshmallows of course. That goes without saying.

This particular day was absolutely freezing and we were so cold, but luckily we managed to find a sunny spot in the garden, which was sheltered out of the bitterly cold wind. The things we do for the NiliPOD!

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