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Cuddling the scary Halloween butler
Cuddling the scary Halloween butler

This is our incredibly creepy moving Halloween butler statue that we bought from our Asda supermarket a few years ago for £70. We don't think that they sell him anymore, so it's great that we managed to buy it when we did.

Although it is officially named Egor, we call it Riff Raff, off of the iconic Rocky Horror Show movie (played by Richard O'Brien himself).

We like to put it outside the lounge door, so that every time we leave the room, we jump, especially as it has a sensor that makes it move and speak when it detects movement. It made Liv scream everytime she walked into the hallway.

These are the kind of things that it says:

'Ah, another guest. So good of you to come.'

'Please make yourself at home. The master will be about shortly.'

'Ah, feel free to help yourself to one of my refreshments.'

'Umm. Lately I've been feeling a bit poorly. How do I look?'

'Ah, I shall announce your presence to the master, even though he already knows that you are here. Ha, ha, ha.'

'I say, what a lovely outfit you are wearing tonight. It truly sets the appropriate mood for the evening.'

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