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Scaring Liv with a frightening Halloween video
Scaring Liv with a frightening Halloween video

This is the moment that Liv screamed out loud when she was watching Nia's very, very scary Halloween video, where something rather unexpected pops up near the end.

Even though Liv suspected that Nia was up to something, she still managed to jump and her heart was really pounding for a long time afterwards.

It was such a funny moment and fortunately we filmed it, so we've watched it over and over again. Liv is a really good sport and she finds it just as funny as Nia does.

So, if you are feeling brave yourself or you fancy pranking one of your friends, then be sure to check out this on our YouTube channel or video page. And if you do, why not video it yourself and send it to us, or email us the audio of your friend screaming in surprise, maybe.

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