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Speaking into our microphone during a podcast
Speaking into our microphone during a podcast

This picture is showing us speaking into our podcast microphone. We bought it from Amazon (through mics-direct) to improve the sound of our recordings, although in fairness it did take us a while to get the volume just right.

It is so incredibly sensitive that it picks up loads of background noise unless it is turned down, which means that we need to be fairly close when we speak into it.

Now that we have got the volume settings just right, it seems that this particular condenser microphone was the perfect choice for our podcasting efforts, especially as it wasn't too expensive.

We spent ages researching it and reading all of the many Amazon reviews related to the numerous USB condenser microphones for sale online. It was all a bit confusing to be honest, and a bit bewildering, but we made the right choice in the end.

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