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The bedroom studio in all its glory
The bedroom studio in all its glory

This is a view of our bedroom studio in the early days, when we just sat on the bed to do our podcast, holding the condenser microphone in our hands.

These days, we still sit on the bed, but it is a bit more professional looking, with a kind of removable table stretching across the bed, being supported by the windowsill at one side and a couple of stools at the other.

Nia's bedroom is predominantly white, with some grey cushions and ornaments. It makes a nice plain backdrop for photographs and films, and is located upstairs at the back of the house, overlooking the garden.

When we are recording, we put a sign on the door to make sure that everyone stays quiet, as the condenser microphone is so sensitive and picks up all kinds of noises, like the smoke alarms that went off in Episode 4, where Nia's mum burnt the toast downstairs in the kitchen.

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