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Making Halloween cookies in the kitchen
Making Halloween cookies in the kitchen

Making these biscuits was just so much fun to do, especially as it was the day before Halloween and we were in a very spooky mood.

Out came the Delia Smith cook book and we found a basic recipe for shortbread, which was relatively easy to follow - that is until we decided to start doubling the ingredients for this batch.

We cut out the biscuits with some Halloween cookie cutters, which have a push-down section that creates indentations on the surface, making them look really quite impressive. After baking the cookies and letting them cool down, we piped on some ready-made, coloured icing to finish them off, with lots of pumpkin orange and black.

We made monsters, pumpkin lanterns, spiders and even a fried egg - Liv's absolute nemesis. Of note, there is a video of our cookery creations on both our videos page and our YouTube channel, complete with the relevant recipe information.

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