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Eating breakfast at a Premier Inn hotel restaurant
Eating breakfast at a Premier Inn hotel restaurant

Every now and again for a treat we like to go out for breakfast, and our local Premier Inn hotel has a particularly good restaurant that is now so popular at breakfast time that we have to book a table in advance.

They have a full-English buffet with all of the best greasy food that we enjoy, including copious amounts of sausages, bacon, hash browns and baked beans.

Nia doesn't like fried tomatoes, while Liv is not keen on fried eggs, in fact she finds them just a little bit scary. She's never been keen on them and probably never will be, but no matter.

Sometimes to make our breakfasts a bit more healthy at the Premier Inn, we swap out one or two of the fatty pork sausages for a vegetarian Quorn sausage substitute - sometimes, if we can be bothered to order them and patiently wait for them to arrive.

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