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Watching funny YouTube videos
Girls watching funny YouTube videos

It is hard to find better things to do than looking at YouTube videos and generally passing the time by checking out all things to do with the Internet.

Any time of the day can be brightened up with a cute puppy or kitten video, or maybe someone falling over or running into something - as long as they don't hurt themselves, obviously.

We love looking at videos, especially when they are funny and silly, and now that we've got our own YouTube account with a growing army of subscribers, it is a good excuse to do a bit of research and see what is trending at the moment.

We also enjoy looking at other people's websites, especially when there are lots of pictures and things to read, maybe about make-up, photography, making videos, cooking and shopping. It would be very easy to spend literally hours and hours just looking at Zoella's huge website and reading her many long blogs.

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