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Swishing our hair in the garden
Swishing our hair in the garden

Well, when you've got long hair and you've just brushed it, why not swirl it around whilst saying 'Because we're worth it' in the garden.

We both have long hair - Nia's is red and Liv's is a darkish brown.

We like to use the Keratin Smooth (TRESemme) shampoo range, including the deep conditioner, which is really good at smoothing our hair and getting rid of any frizz. In our opinion, the cheap shampoos are rubbish for girls with long hair, although perhaps if you have a shorter hairstyle, they might be a bit better.

Got any shampoo recommendations that you'd like to share with us and our podcast listeners? We'd love to know, and maybe we could try them out and then review them on our blog. Pantene or Head and Shoulders? Neutrogena or Garnier? Herbal Essences or L'Oreal?

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