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Enjoying hot chocolates in the kitchen
Enjoying hot chocolates in the kitchen

Although hot chocolates are the perfect drink in the winter, on a cold and dark evening, quite frankly they are lovely to drink at anytime of the year.

We like to make ours extremely chocolatey by adding in a teaspoon of cocoa powder, and then top them off with marshmallows and a huge swirl of squirty cream, if we have any in the fridge that we've got left over from playing the Pie Face game with.

Nia quite likes fruit teas and green teas as well, while Liv is more than happy with a cup of tea and on occasion, a nice mug of coffee, or a glass of Fanta or perhaps Tango.

We also both like Coca Cola, but don't get us started on Pepsi - we're not keen on that particular drink at all. What do you think, Pepsi or Coca Cola, or supermarket own brand versions? Do you have a preference?

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