NiliPod - Photo of Girls Standing In Front of Brick Wall

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Standing by a brick wall
Standing by a brick wall

This picture shows us standing by a brick wall that features some graffiti tags, trying to look cool, moody and silly - all at the same time.

We always joke that Liv looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan in this photo, because she really does a little bit, although she's much better behaved and not a film star that lives in Hollywood.

Nia is listening to some music and wearing a white knitted jumper, while Liv has her favourite pink hoodie on, as well as her most excellent pug dog T-shirt with the strapline 'I Wish I Was A Unicorn'. Don't we all?

Have you ever wished to be a unicorn or another cute animal, fictional or real? If the answer to this daft question is yes, then email us and let us know.

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