NiliPod - Photo of Girl Posing by Red-Brick Wall

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Standing by a red brick wall with graffiti tags
Standing by a colourful graffiti brick wall

This brick wall stands directly opposite a local church where we live, and some people seem to like spraying their graffiti tags on the wall, although we're not sure what they actually say or who they are.

We're not the vandals, honest. Actually, we don't approve of defacing other people's property.

We thought it would be fun to pose in front of this particular brick wall, looking like moody youths with an attitude, which is completely not what we are about at all. After the photo was taken, we used a filter to bring out the colours more and emphasise the repeating pattern and rough texture of the brickwork behind us.

As the brick wall gets closer to the pavement and road, it gradually becomes more dirty and the colour is washed out. It needs a good powerwash to clean it really and get rid of the graffiti, but thankfully that's not our problem!

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