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Girls pulling funny facesEach time we make a podcast, we will try to be as meticulous as possible in documenting everything that we have talked about and linking to anything mentioned in the episode, including YouTube videos and newspaper articles, hopefully in the correct running order. If you think we have missed off anything important, don't just moan about it, email us so that we can put it right.

We give rough timings for each of the segments and list any of the music used, much of which is provided by the simply fantastic and incredibly talented composer, Kevin MacLeod, who is one of our favourites when it comes to background music and radio beds. His website boasts an endless amount of Royalty Free Background Music, and he is just an inspiration to the world of media and certainly to anyone wanting to make a podcast.

From time to time, we also use some great jingles made by Lino Rise at Free Intro Music from and Free Sounds Effects from, under the Creative Commons licence (where attributions are required).

We try to make the jingles that we use ourselves, using GarageBand, and we are getting better at it, but there is certainly room for improvement. When we are recording our show, we are fairly organised, with notes along the way and a soundboard loaded up with our jingles and any clips that are relevant at the time. We are trying to be as professional as we can be, without losing any of the fun of simply recording our podcast in a bedroom at the weekend.

List of all Show Notes with Running Order

20 Feb 16 - Episode 18: Dan and Phil Winner and Big Announcement!- 20 Feb 16 - So much has happened since the NiliPOD podcast was launched way, way back in October last year, and in this week's podcast, there is a huge and very important announcement. Tune in to find out what this big news is, and also to see if you managed to win yourself that amazing Dan and Phil calendar in our Phan competition draw.

13 Feb 16 - Episode 17: Valentine's Day, Love You Dan and Phil! - 13 Feb 16 - It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and so there's lots of talk about romance. We chat about our favourite things, the worst movies ever, and Dan and Phil - of course. And then there's some great news about Top Gear, and we play our very own voice message mashup song for the very first time!

7 Feb 16 - Episode 16: Justin Bieber Fever, You Better Belieber It Phan! - 7 Feb 16 - As Justin Bieber is virtually taking over the world with his epic music, we decided to have a bit of a Bieber podcast special. There's plenty of other stuff too, but during the show there are lots of fun Bieber facts, crazy games and chart news. 'What Do You Mean?' you might ask, and our answer to that is 'We mean it's great!'

30 Jan 16 - Episode 15: Phil Lester's Birthday Party and Getting More YouTube Views - 30 Jan 16 - It's Dan and Phil fever in the podcast studio this week, because today is actually Phil Lester's birthday, and then there's still that amazing Phan calendar going on. Other features include some good news about Harry Potter author JK Rowling and the massive yacht she bought from Johnny Depp, and we've got a special one-off feature about how to make your YouTube videos more popular. Good News, the Big Bag of Random and plenty of chat make up this week's podcast.

23 Jan 16 - Episode 14: The Win a Dan and Phil Calendar Competition Podcast! - 23 Jan 16 - This is perhaps the most exciting podcast that we've done so far, because we're offering you lucky listeners the chance to win yourself an actual Dan and Phil calendar, just listen for the details. You can also enjoy interviews with the celebrities in our Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother house, details about the best movie picks for the first few months of 2016, and some really good news with stories about Zoella, Simon Cowell, Phillip Schoefield, the Spice Girls and One Direciton.

16 Jan 16 - Episode 13: The Big Bag of Random - Jokes, Pokes and Pranks! - 16 Jan 16 - This podcast is something quite different and a bit shorter than usual, so there's no excuse not to grab a quick cheeky listen, wherever you are. We talk about all kinds of random things, because after all, this episode is all about The Big Bag of Random. Topics include Dan and Phil's Fantastic Four, chicken bone lipstick, our favourite Djs on the radio, and the latest YouTubers that are emerging, with recommendations from the likes of Zoella.

9 Jan 16 - Episode 12: Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrities or Nobodies?! - 9 Jan 16 - After our mini festive break, we're back in the studio with fully charged batteries, raring to tackle 2016. Liv tries to work out if Celebrity Big Brother should perhaps just be called Big Brother, while the Nia vs Liv challenge is a great rhyming game involving Dan and Phil, Zoella, Zoe Sugg, Britney Spears and other celebs.

19 Dec 15 - Episode 11: Christmas, Star Wars C3PO Interview and an Xmas Quiz - 19 Dec 15 - Combine the best things about Christmas with the latest Star Wars film and you get this podcast, which includes a top ten of the very best alternative Christmas films, a great Xmas quiz and plenty of Star Wars news - including the world's biggest lightsaber, and it's a whopper!

12 Dec 15 - Episode 10: YouTuber Special with Dan and Phil, Joe and Caspar, and Zoella News - 12 Dec 15 - Dan and Phil join us for a YouTuber special, in the form of face masks, and we play a great game that is all about YouTube and the wonderful people who make the videos.

5 Dec 15 - Episode 9: Star Wars Fan Girls, Our Force Awakens - 05 Dec 15 - We're so excited about the new film that we've dedicated this podcast to Star Wars, adding in a touch of Christmas sparkle, some interviews and plenty of celebrity gossip.

28 Nov 15 - Episode 8: Christmas Fun, Mince Pie Tasting and Festive Jokes - 28 Nov 15 - This is a real starter to all of the seasonal cheer that is just around the corner, with heart-warming stories, a funny Christmas game and more chatting about the most random of topics.

21 Nov 15 - Episode 7: Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Special - 21 Nov 15 An exciting Mockingjay special with YouTube clips, a movie review, a fun Hunger Games themed challenge and some incredible Dr. Jean news. And there's also a new game, 'Am I a Celebrity in the Jungle?!', but are Dan and Phil really celebrities, and is Zoella a celebrity as well?

14 Nov 15 - Episode 6: Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts Special - 14 Nov 15 A true celebration of all things Harry Potter, with lots of wizarding fun, another nonsense movie countdown, a surprise special guest and some exciting J. K. Rowling news.

7 Nov 15 - Episode 5: We Probably Won't be Dan and Phil Next Year - 7 Nov 15 A real laugh all the way through, with a challenge involving elastic bands, a new section all about random chatting, and some voice messages from our listeners.

31 Oct 15 - Episode 4: Terrifying Trotters and Tarantulas in the SpookTacular Special - 31 Oct 15 So much Halloween fun in this mildly scary episode, with laughter, witches cackling, hooting owl sound effects and the scariest versus challenge yet.

24 Oct 15 - Episode 3: Exciting Espionage Extortion Extravaganza and the Emperor's New Clothes - 24 Oct 15 Discussing the new James Bond film, with a funny Bake Off inspired movie countdown and much more.

17 Oct 15 - Episode 2: Nose straws, Samurai Kai and the Wannabe Cola - 17 Oct 15 Talking about Harry Styles' parking ticket, Warwick Davis and his stolen caravan, and 'Funny Things that Children Say'.

10 Oct 15 - Episode 1: Trick or Treat, Pete or Steet - 10 Oct 15 Featuring Ellie Goulding, Brooklyn Beckham and that adorable sneezing Pomeranian puppy.

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