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Podcast Notes - 14 Nov 15

- Episode 6: Harry Potter and the Fanastic Beasts Special

Photo of girls with Harry Potter characters[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Starting off with an apology to the listeners, after Nia and Liv got a bit confused over the release date of the Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - starring Eddie Redmayne. Liv thought it was coming out on November 18th, but didn't actually realise that was November next year (2016), not this year! Sorry about that muggle muddle. No Friday 13th disasters to report and nothing bad happened, although Nia did have to dress up as a cat for Children in Need. There is a quick plug for the new NiliPOD Instagram account, the new Christmas video and the other YouTube videos. If you are watching on the YouTubes, make sure that you watch right to the very end, past the 'Happy Listening' jingle, for the funniest bits and outtakes.

Then there are shout outs galore and some amazing statistics about international listeners, who are tuning in from all over the world, including everywhere from Fiji and Singapore, to Canada and the United States. And finally there are some voice messages from The Beloved, Stephen Hawkin (perhaps?) and Warwick Davis (possibly), who is still looking out for his missing caravan. Keep your eyes peeled listeners.

[11:40] Brooklyn Beckham News - The boy wonder has been spotted wearing a sweatshirt this week, which matched his trademark Adidas Cap. It simply said 'I Feel Love'. Posh's eldest son is keen to reach 5 million followers on Instagram this week, as he's on roughly 4.9 million. Nia and Liv currently have 24 followers, so just a few less. His advice to budding photographers is to 'ditch the selfie stick' and to 'go easy on the fllters'. He's also been spotted at the Glamour Woman of the Year awards with his mum, Victoria, who even managed to crack a smile. His hair was described as being voluminous. And he was caught doing a tricky half-pipe on his skateboard. Not quite sure what that actually is, but it sounds wonderful. Magic stuff there in this section of the Harry Potter special, even though he's not actually a wizard at all.

[13:50] Nia vs Liv - At first there is panic in the bedroom, when the instructions say that a paddling pool is about to be brought into the room for an ice bucket challenge, although that turned out to be a joke. It's currently 2-all, so this challenge was particularly important. Blindfolds are involved in the Harry Potter and Adventure Time guessing game, although the rules seemed to be slightly confusing and the game soon descended into chaos, but who won in the end? And was it fair?

[22:55] The Return of Paul Hollywood - After a quick chat about obsessing over Dan and Phil (are they actually their sons or fathers?), Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, it's on with the interview. Nia and Liv bumped into Paul Hollywood again, in Iceland, of all places. He was buying some frozen puff pastry (don't tell Mary Berry), although his shopping basket was heavy and his vol-au-vents were defrosting, so he couldn't talk for long. He answered some questions about Harry Potter, including his favourite film, and then he was off to pay for his frozen goodies at the checkout.

[25:30] Harry Potter Movie Countdown (with a Great British Bake-Off Twist) - There is a countdown of alternative film titles, from rubbish to quite good. But what place is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Scone this week, you know, the one where Dumbledore enjoys a traditional Cornish cream tea. And why did Professor McGonagall burn her fingers in the deep-fat fryer, what caused Severus Snape to get so cross in the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and why is poor Ron Weasley suffering from food poisoning?

[28:10] Good News - It is a wizarding special this week, with lots about Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and J. K. Rowling. There are also stories about the BBC's new pottery show, ghosts and ghoulies, and even aliens. Who knew that they love strawberry ice cream (this was on Beverly Hills 90210!), but are they fussy? It looks like an invisibility cloak may turn into a reality, although it is currently so tiny that it is absolutely useless and really rather pointless.

[33:10] End of the Show Time - This week's podcast is rounded up and there is talk about going to the new Hunger Game's film Mockingjay Part 2, which Nia and Liv are very excited about. They've booked their tickets already and will be taking clipboards to make copious notes for next week's Girls on Film movie review feature. Then there is talk about what is on Nia's wall (a bit like what's in my handbag). There are posters of Ed Sheeran, Brooks (of course), Finnick, and Josh and Tyler off of Twenty One Pilots. Then it is time to Expelliarmus, but Liv's not exactly sure what that means because she doesn't 'Harry Potter'. And soz hurts Nia's ears. Stay safe!

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