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Podcast Notes - 31 Oct 15

- Episode 4: Terrifying Trotters and Tarantulas in the SpookTacular Special

Photo of girls with carved pumpkin lanterns[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Chatting about Halloween craziness, popping to the Premier Inn for breakfast muffin babies, Dan and Phil admire a friend's big hairdo, baking cookies, the fireworks and ghost train at Longleat, shopping in Bath and Liv's phobias of things with wings. Find out what type of animal piglet is in the Winnie the Pooh movie, Heffalump's Halloween. Please ignore the unintentional burping. And find out how to have a Hallow-was, rather than a Hallow-wasn't.

[06:00] Chart Chat - A review of Adele's new cheesy-based song Hello, which is a bit like Lionel Richie's song where he takes a pottery evening class or something like that. The album picture of Adele without a mouth is a bit freaky.

[07:55] YouTube Video of the Week - Several videos to discuss this week, including Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious Halloween videos, where parents tell their children that they have eaten all of their sweets. Liv gets the pants scared off her when she watches Nia's video of her Spooky Town model village - will you be brave enough to watch it yourself? Then they head down town to Downton Abbey, where Hugh Bonneville (aka Lord Grantham) is spewing blood all over the dinner table. You'd think he'd have better manners really. Liv admits that she has the heart of a mouse, and there is some plot ruining, so 'spoiler alert'. Who knew that Darth Vader was Luke's daddy all along?

[16:10] Brooklyn Beckham News - He's been at it again this week, headlining in newspapers all over the world for basically doing very little, other than just getting on with his life. Shocking news when it is revealed that not only has Brooks recently pierced his ear, but he has got a gorgeous French model girlfriend, after moving on from Chloe Moretz and Selena Gomez, What a busy boy he is!

[19:00] Nia vs Liv - Drama all round for Nia and Liv, when they are faced with the NiliPOD FeelyPOD. The previous versus challenges have tested brain power and quick reactions, but this week it is more of a sensory experience, designed to test the powers of touch. Liv is petrified of the eggs and tarantula spider skin, while Nia bravely tackles some hungry, gigantic mealworms and much more besides. A double-headed coin causes nothing but confusion at the start of the game.

[31:10] Girls on Film - It's 'Movie Time' again, with a quick review of some of the spookiest films to watch at this time of the year, including Hotel Transylvania 2 (with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez) and a chat about scary horror movies like the Paranormal Activity series. Listen out for the top ten countdown of family friendly Halloween films that are suitable for all of the family - this does not include the Blair Witch Project. You can't beat a bit of Hocus Pocus or Monster House, but what will be this week's number one?

[36:20] Good News - So much this week, with added spookiness and a definite flavour of All Hallow's Eve. The top stories include sticky contact lenses, some very strange fancy dress costumes, disgusting food in the form of gross red velvet brain cakes (this is just wrong!), a shortage of pumpkins and the latest on the rather frightening false widow spiders. Also in the news is a story about an American prankster and his spider on a string, and the Peppa Pig flesh-eating zombies in Tesco - what?!

[44:15] Scary Stories - Without a doubt, this is the scariest time of the year, and so this is the perfect time for some Halloween jokes and some more scary, scary stories. Nia gives Liv the devil look as she tells her joke, while this week's stories are called 'Hunting Terror in the Woods' and 'Rap Rap Rap!' Sound effects galore and some creepy background music by Kevin MacLeod help to bring these tales to life, kind of.

[49:25] End of the Show Time - A round up of this week's special scary spine-tingling spook-tacular stories and what is coming up next week. Listen out for the new feature in Episode 5, 'The Big Bag of Random'.

Lord Grantham and his troublesome burst ulcer on Downton Abbey (YouTube videos).

From the funny Jimmy Kimmel chat show, where parents tell their children that they've eaten all of their Halloween candy 2014 (YouTube videos).

Trailer for Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie, one of our favourites for this time of the year and perfect for young children, as well as anyone who is young at heart (YouTube videos).

The cute corgi puppy that is just a little bit frightened and curious about the tiny pumpkin on the kitchen floor (YouTube videos).


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