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Podcast Notes - 13 Feb 16

- Episode 17: Valentine's Day, Love You Dan and Phil!

Photo of YouTube fans[00:00] What happened with you this week? - It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and so there's lots of talk about romance and boys, of course. We've been looking in GQ Magazine so that we could talk about their Best Dressed Men awards for 2016. Eddie Redmayne is number one, Nick Grimshaw is number two, and Sam Smith is number three. But what really surprised us was that David Beckham is number four, because last year he was number 46. And then at number 8 it's his son, Romeo Romeo, and there's no mention of Brooklyn Beckham whatsoever. That can't be right.

Over the past few weeks, people have been sending in voice messages through the website. We love getting these messages, so keep sending them in. You just click on the big orange button. And we've got so many that it was difficult to play them all out, because it would have taken pretty much the entire episode. So we had a great idea to edit together all the best bits with some funky music to make a song. These are all real messages and for everyone who sent them, thanks so much. We've made a YouTube video to this song and we'll list everyone who actually told us their name. Quite a lot were anonymous though, funnily enough.

We end this first bit with Liv talking about being stressed at school and how she copes by taking a break, and listening to lots and lots of music.

[09:40] Big Bag of Random - This is one of our favourite features where we have a bag filled with random questions and topics, then we set our timer for five minutes and just talk about whatever comes out of the Big Bag of Random. This week the topics include favourite memes, the Fantastic Four or Phan, iPhones of Nokias, Zoella wearing makeup, the worst movies ever (Nativity 3 was pretty bad!), most memorable birthdays, baby or bby, and sexy Halsey or secy Melanie?! And finally, is Liv funny, yes or yes? Mmmmm.

[16:20] Good News - There's always plenty of good news on our podcasts, and this Valentine's episode is no different. We discover that Matt LeBlanc is joining the new BBC Top Gear series, which is the perfect cue for a Friends sing-song. And then we find out about David beckham's thoughts on being a father, Katie Price getting her baby daughter's ears pierced, a teenage boy who has found out that it is sometimes cheaper to fly via Berlin to UK destinaitons rather than travel by train, and those crazy boffin scientists are worrying about robots taking over the world, but don't worry, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be on hand to sort them out, that is if Liv can pronounce his name properly. Finally on this week's good news, Mary Berry has been drinking garlic beer, pensioners have been shooting swans with super soakers, and the queen is keeping it in the family, yet again.

[22:50] Brooklyn Beckham News - Lovely Brooks has been pappep yet again, and all he did was kick a coin in the air, showing off his undeniable soccer skills. And then Brooklyn took a photo of his rucksack and put it on his extremely popular Instagram account - in black and white of course.

[25:45] End of the Show Time - The show is rounded up when we reveal the actual secret of happiness, and it's just such a simple thing. Email us and tell us if you are lonely on Valentine's Day, it would be great to hear from you, as always.

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