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Podcast Notes - 5 Dec 15

- Episode 9: Star Wars Fan Girls, Our Force Awakens

Photo of Star Wars fans[00:00] What happened with you this week? - There's lots of excitement about the new Star Wars film in the bedroom studio, with a funny Star Wars theme running throughout this week's episode. Nia and Liv talk about what is coming up on this week's show. Apparently snail caviar has become a popular starter for Christmas meals this year, but at £65, would you really want to try it? Liv certainly wouldn't, she can't even touch a snail. What is all this about Anton Du Beke's real name and why did he say that Peter Andre was awful on Strictly Come Dancing?

Adele seems to have a really hot bodyguard, Harrison Ford seems a bit greedy, and the fabulous Dan and Phil advent calendars are selling at crazy prices on eBay. Liv gets alarmed when Nia mentions her Diary of a Wimpy Kid story. We discover the secret Easter Egg surprise Star Wars search results page on Google, which is nothing short of amazing. Thanks for that Google.

[07:30] Christmas Joke - This week's joke stars Emperor Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, who are fighting with their lightsabers by the Christmas tree. The punchline is so funny, although Nia feels that it has to be explained.

[09:15] Mince Pies and the Star Wars Interviews - After discussing the best mince pies for sale at the moment, there's an amazing first for the NiliPOD. This really is incredible. Nia and Liv bumped into the Star Wars cast in Lidls the other day and managed to blag some interviews with actual cast members. This week they talk to to Han Solo, who was with R2D2 (Han was a bit grumpy and in a rush) and Yoda (he was a bit confused, but very, very helpful).

[12:35] Brooklyn Beckham News - Brooks has experienced some serious Instagram teasing from Daddy David, and he seems to have a great new nickname because of his superb skateboarding skills. And sister Harpers pops up with her cute ballerina outfit.

[14:40] Top Ten Best Family Christmas Films - There's no mucking about with this one, because Nia and Liv take Christmas films very seriously. The best films are counted down from number ten to the top spot, but the movie voted as number one is a huge surprise all round. Elf and Home Alone obviously make a strong appearance in this countdown, but only one is in the top five. And who is gale Damien when he's at home?!

[21:05] Good News - In the news this week we find out about Mary Berry's big American flop, Lady C and her celebrity jungle strops, and Mark Zuckerberg's recent Facebook generosity. Then there are stories about Simon Cowell's burglary, a stupid half-fake, half-real Christmas trees from B&Q, Harrison Ford earning millions as Han Solo, and Jeremy Clarkson helping Amazon to fly their delivery drones. And we learn about the retro Star Wars posters, a possible new problem with the next generation of iPhones, eating out at Christmas time, and the Hunger Games dominating the movie charts.

[27:50] Nia vs Liv - How do the girls get on with this week's challenge, reading out some Star Wars character names and guessing whether or not they were actually in any of the films. It's a true or false game, but we've called it 'Star Wars or Star Warsn't'. Was R2D4 a kind of cousin of R2D2, is there really a robot called IP-ONU, was Bingo Banjo a famous bounty hunter, and who was Darth Nihilus. And was Mar Mar Binks really the mother of Jar Jar? Tune in to find out who wins this week.

[37:00] End of the Show Time - A podcast round-up and lots of chatting. What's all this about Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter's relationship being on the rocks, Caroline Flack and Olly Murs seem to be getting rather close at the moment, and Adele's Hello video continues to stampede through the YouTube charts, but Gangnam style has more view apparently. And have you seen the Justin Bieber Yee dinosaur video - you know, the 'Yeeber' one, and Liv talks about cute Phillip the rat.

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