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Podcast Notes - 19 Dec 15

- Episode 11: Christmas, Star Wars C3PO Interview and an Xmas Quiz

Photo of YouTube fans[00:00] What happened with you this week? - We are house-sitting and this is the first podcast to be recorded out of the bedroom studio, on location in someone's lounge. There's some brand new jingles and lots of Christmas cheer, and a big thank you to the growing army of NiliPOD listeners that have downloaded the podcasts over 2,000 times so far.

It's been Christmas jumper day when everyone has been wearing festive knits, and then there's chat about the new Star Wars film, which looks like it is brilliant and secretly featured Daniel Craig (off of James Bond) as a stormtrooper. Joe Sugg has been banging the gong for Radio 1's Scott Mills and Chris Stark, on their popular annual Relationship Transfer Deadline Day feature, and Liv finally finds out that the lyrics to 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' are actually 'To You And Your Kin' - and not 'King' after all. Who knew?! And doesn't 'kinder' in German mean child, so what's 'child egg' all about? We've been preparing for our very first dinner party, which involves a roast dinner and sandwiches, and there's a daily vlog on the way, kind of.

[06:05] Another Star Wars Interview - What happened when we spotted Star Wars robot man C3PO in Lidls the other day. He was busy in the frozen food section with his droid friend R2D2, not sure why, and so we managed to grab a few words for the podcast. We wish we hadn't bothered really, because whatever we said, we seem to rub him up the wrong way. He was so rude and unpleasant, but he is a robot though and not an actual real person, and so we let him off.

[07:55] Good News - There's so much crazy news going on in the world this week, which is mainly either Christmas related or all about the new Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens movie, which has been dominating the newspaper headlines. Disney seem to have done a great job and there's no cameo appearance from Mickey Mouse, thankfully. We talk about Nelson's Column in the centre of London being turned into a lightsaber and upsetting the local historians.

Christmas is the hottest ever, Niall Horan is talking about Selena Gomez, and there's a British spaceman called Major Tim. The line-up for this year's Brit Awards has been announced, the Queen's been spotted using a tablet computer, and there's a bonkers new trend for upside-down Christmas trees that hang from the ceiling. And then there's some breaking news about Victoria Beckham's right arm.

[13:40] Brooklyn Beckham News - There's been all sorts of stories in the newspapers and online about Brooks this week, many of which seem to originate from his Instagram account. Mummy Victoria (Posh Spice to you and me) and daddy David Beckham are very much involved, and then there's that rather surprising shirtless picture that seemed to appear from nowhere.

[16:10] Nia vs Liv - 'And now it's for the best bit' seems to have become a weird Liv catchphrase for this feature. This week is a great seasonal Christmas quiz, with a mixture of fun and traditional questions - some easy, some hard. There's a question master in the form of @niasmum, who hides behind the YouTube camera, and Santa has left a present - it's some custom quiz show buzzers that shout out 'NIA' and 'LIV' when they are pressed. Play along and see if you know the answers to questions like 'What is the most popular thing that people put on the top of Christmas trees?', 'What film did Lindsay Lohan sing Jingle Bell Rock in?', 'What kind of sleigh is the one in Jingle Bells?' and 'What tree did that partridge sit in On The First Day of Christmas?' But remember, it's who can answer the questions first. And are Away in a Manger and Silent Night really the same song? Probably not, but Liv's not quite so sure!

[25:25] Top Ten Alternative Christmas Films - This funny countdown of Christmas movies if perfect is you are looking to watch something that's not too soppy or based around Santa and his reindeer, or a snowman that comes to life. You know the kind of thing that we're talking about. So what will be this week's number one? It's certainly something not to miss - it's funny, the right kind of cute, a little bit scary and more than a touch Christmassy.

[29:00] End of the Show Time - This Christmas Star Wars YouTube podcast episode is rounded up, with talk about a potential Justin Bieber special, the funniest festive joke ever, and a super quick look back at the year 2015. Back soon, Happy Holidays!

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