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Podcast Notes - 28 Nov 15

- Episode 8: Crazy Christmas Fun, Mince Pie Tasting and Festive Jokes

Photo of girls with Dan and Phil advent calendar and Christmas snowmen[00:00] What happened with you this week? - There is a definite Christmas theme to this week's podcast, seeing as winter is here and December is literally around the corner. Nia talks about getting social with all of the social medias, and how polite the British are, saying sorry for saying sorry. Nothing really much happened with Liv this week, except it was 'Chip Friday' yesterday. There was chatting about the crazy sales on Black Friday,when nobody seemed to turn up, but Nia had a theory about why that was.

[05:10] Christmas is Coming - What a lovely surprise when Santa Claus popped into Kwik Fit the other day to get his sleigh serviced. Mince pies are reviewed, but are the luxury mince pies from Harrods as good as the ones from Lidls? There has been research to find out how your name affects whether or not you will appear on Santa's nice list or naughty list, and Liv (short for Olivia) is not impressed when it turns out that she is a contender for the 'naughty list'. And what is all this about a pair of pants that cost £15,000, and what has it got to do with Christmas anyway?

[08:55] YouTube Video of the Week - Watching and talking about the new Aldi Christmas advert, which is causing a lot of controversy (how exactly do you pronounce that?) It is clearly a complete rip-off of a John Lewis advert, for a joke, with two telescopes - 'I like this one, but I like this one better!' Very funny, but very cheeky, and the YouTube comments are hilarious, especially Ben Dover's comment. But who actually holds a copyright on the moon, is this advert really a better love story than Twilight, and will Aldi actually get sued for taking the mickey?

[12:40] Good News - There is just so much good news happening this week. Finally, Mason Noise is off the X Factor, Harry Styles has a celebrity admirer, and lovely Zoella supports her brother Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee at their film premiere of 'Joe and Caspar Hit the Road'.

Ed Sheeran talks to Scott Mills about those crazy wedding rumours, the new Apple Watch looks like it will soon be taking the world by storm, grumpy Alan Sugar has a moan about Nokia phones and Eastenders, and Mary Berry has upset someone, kind of. Then there is talk about the new gross trend of getting your eye balls tattooed, and Taylor Swift seems to have upset the locals in New Zealand this week when she was filming her latest pop video. Oh dear Swifty.

[17:20] Brooklyn Beckham News - It is been relatively quiet this week on the Brooklyn front, except for the heart warming moment when he posted a very special photograph on his Instagram account, which seems to have caused quite a reaction.

[18:50] Nia vs Liv - How do the girls react when Santa gives them a present that the winner actually gets to keep, and it has something to do with YouTube legends, Dan and Phil. There is screaming, tears and laughter, and that's all before the challenge even begins. This week it's a funny 'no teeth, no gums' game, which is all to do with Christmas. Liv is extremely confident, but will she win? The pressure is certainly on, and Nia is desperate to taste Dan and Phil's chocolate.

[23:05] Big Bag of Random - Let's have another dip into the Big Bag of Random then. Last time, it was all a bit of a rush, but this week, Nia and Liv sit back, relax and get a bit random. Some of the topics include favourite historical figures, childhood pranks involving pretend car crashes and Willy Wonka, what the future holds, Taylor Swift or Ellie Goulding, and some truly bizarre dreams involving dishwashers, dragons and zombies. Dream experts - please get in touch and explain what these could mean!

[30:50] End of the Show Time - The podcast is rounded up, but not before Dan and Phil crop up again, and again. There is a sing-song involving both the 'Llama Song' and the 'Be Creative Song'. Finally, there is one last funny Christmas joke, and some teasers about what is coming up next week, on the ninth NiliPOD podcast.

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