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Podcast Notes - 10 Oct 15

- Episode 1: Trick or Treat, Pete or Steet

Small picture with fingers by faces[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Talking about our new microphone, jingle, going to the fair and Nia losing her brace on the waltzer. What a disaster!

[11:20] Movie Time - With film reviews, including Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Everest, The Intern and the Martian, with the funny Uranus trailer from the Ellen show.

[14:40] X Factor Talk - Discussing Simon Cowell's beard and 'Poor Havva'. She's not good under pressure!

[18:25] Chart Chat - Reviewing Ellie Goulding's latest song (possibly about Ed Sheeran) called 'On My Mind'. We read out some of the most ridiculous and silly YouTube comments beneath the video, including something rather unpleasant that 'Grizzly Dom' likes to do in the shower.

[24:25] Good News - Talking about things in the news, such as the huge false widow spiders that are invading houses across the UK, as well as Simon Cowell ogling his girlfriend's boobs, and naked Justin Bieber - commented on by Anto Sharp - 'Ooooh, an extra spicy salami. That's going straight in my basket!' We also talk about Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya's super hot husband and his silky soft skin.

[29:00] Brooklyn Beckham News - What's been happening to Brooklyn this week? Well, he's only gone and got himself a part in The Vamps' latest music video, fist bumping them after he jumps off the roof.

[34:00] YouTube Video of the Weeeeek! - Talking about the most cute puppy ever, a Pomeranian called Roux who sneezes, making a very strange noise that sounds a little bit like a freaky baby cartoon alien.

[36:35] End of the Show Time - A round up, including Scott Mills talking about how Olivias are high maintenance and what to expect next week.

The Vamps 'Wake Up' video with Brooklyn Beckham.

Incredibly cute Pomeranian puppy sneeze.

Ellie Goulding - On My Mind video.

Spoof Movie Trailer - Matt Damon, the Martian on Uranus - (YouTube video).

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