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Podcast Notes - 21 Nov 15

- Episode 7: The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Special

Photo of girls with Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games[00:00] What happened with you this week? - An introduction to the show. Nia has added lots of recipes to the new cooking section on the website, and everyone is amazed to learn that Justin Bieber has eight songs in the top 40, making him a world-record breaker. Do Starbucks staff really now called their whipped cream 'whooped cream', and Storm Barney has been keeping everyone up at night due to the stormy weather. Liv went on a school trip to the cinema to see Meryl Streep in the Suffragette movie and learnt that she 'can't cockney', and Nia still can't say sausage backwards. And where is the Titanic, in the Atlantic Ocean?

[07:40] Listener's Voice Message - Doreen Muscles leaves a message saying that the 'Halloween video was probably the scariest thing that she's ever seen in her life', and then Biddly Snoot Dog tries to sing a Christmas carol of sorts - Ding Josh Dun.

[09:25] YouTube Video of the Week - A chat about the funny prank that Jennifer Lawrence played on the Smosh Boys. J-Law gets rather cross when the interviewer takes off his shoes and she is 'waiting for the smell to hit her'. There is also a quick clip of David Attenborough when he popped in to see Greg James on Radio 1 and ends up doing a spoof commentary to Adele's new video for her number one single 'Hello'.

[11:15] Am I A Celebrity in the Jungle? - Nia reads out a list of the so-called celebrities that are on holiday with Ant and Dec in the jungle, to see if they turn out to be A-listers or Z-listers. Liv has to see if she knows who they are, but how many will she get right, and has she ever heard of Duncan Bannatyne? Probably not, because she doesn't watch Dragon's Den, and she prefers Adventure Time to Made in Chelsea. Play along at home, but remember, it's just for fun.

[17:00] Girl's On Film - Talking about movies, well one movie in fact - the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2, with a quick film trailer. Nia was a complete emotional wreck at the cinema, as she cried at two parts, while Liv just kept jumping at all of the explosions. Expect high marks on the film review, because it is an amazing last film in the series, but it sounds like there are sad moments and a very cute ending - Katniss looked so pretty. And was it a tsunami of oil or tar?

[21:30] Dr. Jean News - This week we've made a new friend of the show. And it is the one and only YouTube star, Dr. Jean. She's famous on YouTube for her amazing children's songs, and her Banana Dance song has over 4 million hits alone. So what will Dr. Jean think of Nia and Liv's original Snowball Song, based on the same tune, with the green screen effects? It turns out that she has sent emails and even an 'awesome' voice message, which has been turned into a jingle for future podcasts.

[26:10] Brooklyn Beckham News - Well, what's Boy Wonder Brooklyn Beckham been up to this week? Not quite as much as normal, but he's still made some rather pointless headline news, and so have his family. His sister Harper was caught yawning after saying hello to Prince Harry, and David Becks is apparently now the 'sexiest man alive'. Big shoes for you to follow in Brooklyn. He never seems to take off his black Adidas cap, so let's hope that he washes it. And Liv gets over-excited talking about liking one of his photos on Instagram.

[28:40] Nia vs Liv - How do the girls react when they think that they are going to be blindfolded and then force-fed with a giant spoon and a plastic funnel, because it is a 'Hunger Games' podcast special. It is actually a 'Real or Not Real' challenge, with questions about cast members Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth Banks, and the film in general. Who has nightmares about the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, and who is Kat-Pee?

[38:05] Good News - A real assortment of news this week, including a number of fascinating stories about clumsy Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games, as well as the American haggis ban. And then there are stories about Nigella and her burnt lettuce, the flying car from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and plenty of X Factor gossip, including Olly Murs messing up on live TV.

[43:10] Christmas is Coming - It may not be December quite yet, but children are already counting the sleeps until Santa comes to town, and so are Nia and Liv. There are two very festive jingles to choose between and then we find out how the stars from Home Alone are looking, 25 years after making this classic Christmas movie. The years certainly don't seem to have been kind to Macaulay Culkin.

[46:15:] End of the Show Time - The podcast is rounded up and then there is a quick chat about archeologists discovering a real-life Jumanji game, but nobody seems to want to roll the dice. Tune in for the eighth podcast next week, when hopefully Nia and Liv will have recovered after seeing the final installment of the Hunger Games. 'May the odds be ever in your favour.'

Where are the Home Alone stars now?

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