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Podcast Notes - 7 Nov 15

- Episode 5: We Probably Won't be Dan and Phil Next Year

Photo of girls playing elastic band face game[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Lots of chatting about the half-term holidays and 'back to school blues'. Nia talks about her first theatrical appearance and Liv discusses the nonsense language of Shakespeare and its ridiculously long words, like 'thus'. What on earth is 'sports psychology' and why is it written in Shakespearean? Sad news that Halloween is over and the fact that this marks the end of the Dan and Phil outfits, and is it too soon for Christmas shopping? Nia gets Christmassy in May. Nia has been reading Zoella's new book, Girl Online On Tour, and Liv has discovered Google Book samples, although she hasn't got over the fact that she stroked a pig's trotter in last week's show - twice. And some exciting website super splendid superlative statistics.

[12:20] YouTube Video(s) of the Week - Not trying to be too self-indulgent, but this section features videos from the NiliPOD YouTube channel, including the new Banana Dance Guacamole video success, filmed on location in a Premier Inn restaurant. Shout outs to all the new YouTube subscribers and SoundCloud followers, and voice messages from some of the listeners. There are some funny clips from Jimmy Kimmel's latest Halloween Candy videos (2015), including a rather upset boy calling his mum a 'Turkey butthole!' Finally, it is all about the new John Lewis Christmas video that premiered on Channel Four's Gogglebox, called 'Man on the Moon'. But how can the girl use a telescope in the daytime, and what is John Lewis doing on the moon anyway?

[20:20] Brooklyn Beckham News - So what is cooking' good lookin' Brooklyn? It is a round-up of this week's Beckham news. As always, Brooklyn Beckham has been making the headlines again by leading his life in front of the camera, with his hugely famous parents, Posh and Becks. He's had a busy week, yet again, with a spot of shopping and sitting down in front of the Los Angeles skyline.

[23:05] Nia vs Liv - Something a little less stressful than last week's NiliPOD FeelyPOD fiasco, this week it is more of a physical. This is a real test of speed, dexterity and agility, and involves some flexible apparatus. Basically, it is who can put the most elastic bands on their head in one minute, to make themselves look like an elastic band monster. It is called the 'Great Laggy Band Challenge'.

[29:05] The Big Bag of Random - A fun new feature involving a big bag containing literally hundreds and hundreds of random topics to talk about, in five minutes. No more rules, simple as that. This is a chance to find out more about the podcast hosts. Who new that Nia would like to time travel back to meet a young Dan and Phil, while Liv used to be terrified of theme parks when she was little, but not any more. And yes, Japanese sweets really do sound amazing.

[34:55] Good News - So much good and bad news this week. There is the news about McDonald's burgers getting bigger, Taylor Swift being sued for a ridiculous amount of money, and how banana skins are extremely nutritious, but are they delicious? Find out when Nia and Liv eat them for the very first time in their lives. They may well be full of fibre and potassium, but what are they actually like to eat? There is also lots of celebrity gossip, including everyone from Daniel Radcliffe and Ed Sheeran, to Michael Jackson, Mary Berry and Simon Cowell - will his show the X Factor soon become the Axe-Factor?! And apologies for the rumbling stomach.

[[44:55] End of the Show Time - A round up of this week and a taste of what is to come on next week's podcast. Will it be a Harry Potter special? Tune in to find out this and more. And what is a NiliPOD banner doing on Jedward's website?

Nia and Liv singing the Banana Guacamole Song in a restaurant (YouTube videos).

The latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween videos (I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy 2015), with lots of funny children and laughs (YouTube videos).

The lovely, although rather predictable, John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 entitled 'Man on the Moon' (YouTube videos).


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