NiliPod - Show Notes (16 January 2016)

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Podcast Notes - 16 Jan 16

- Episode 13: The Big Bag of Random - Jokes, Pokes and Pranks!

Photo of YouTube fans[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Things all start to go wrong in the bedroom studio this week, on this 13th podcast episode. First Liv accidentally pokes Nia in the eye when she was trying to stroke her face, and then Liv chokes on her glass of water. Nia and Liv soon get back on track with the podcast and discuss things like Rude Tube, hand gestures, and of course, the Big Bag of Random and it's great catchphrase - 'You get to find out more about us as we get to find out more about each other!'

[03:50] Big Band of Random - Nia and Liv have five minutes to take out random questions and topics from a bag that is filled with all kinds of nonsense. Perhaps it should actually have been called the 'Nonsense Bag!' Topics that come out of the bag and come up for discussion include things like radio DJs, favourite music, best clothes shops, opinions on minions, the Fantastic Four getting back together (Dan and Phil, PJ and Chris), chocolate on not-colate, Miley Cyrus, and caps or lowercase? And then there's talk about new YouTubers (AmandasChronicles, Robbie and Mark - someone that Zoella likes), the horribly awkward moment when you get song lyrics wrong and you are singing along with a friend at the time, Instagram themes, and something about chicken bones and fish bits being used to make lipstick - allegedly. And remember, this feature is always recorded for the NiliPOD YouTube channel, so check out our YouTube videos pages.

[09:30] End of the Show Time - After a bit of a sing-song - 'It's raining questions!', this week's mini podcast is rounded up, but is Liv funny, yes or yes?! Is it true that Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee are going to film a second Joe and Caspar Hit the Road movie? And then what's all this about Harry Styles going solo and recording lots of songs on the quiet, without his One Direction bandmates being involved? Nia and Liv relive that happy weekend of house-sitting and vlogging, when they freaked out after hearing the air vent rattle in the kitchen, because it was so windy outside. RIP and houses, or should that be Halseys?! Next week it's the main podcast once again, with some amazing celebrity interviews, the top ten GQ best dressed men of 2016, and more great stuff, so listen out for that.

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