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Podcast Notes - 17 Oct 15

- Episode 2: Nose Straws, Samurai Kai and the Wannabe Cola

Picture of podcasting girls[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Talking about watching Pixels - the movie with Adam Sandler, Liv's got a new iPad, reading out emails, and an impression of Alan Sugar from The Apprentice.

[02:55] YouTube Video of the Week - Behind the scenes chat about that Breakfast Karaoke video and the awful Sphinx cat that says 'No, no, no, no, no! when its owner teases it by dressing up as a wolf. Bit mean! Listen out for Dobby the Elf (off of Harry Potter), and the comments by Shazzka and Samurai Kai.

[08:40] Good News - Everything that you could possibly want to know about what's been going on in the world this week. More about that carrier bag fiasco and the subsequent shopping trolley apocalypse, why Simon Cowell was comforting Grimmy and got cross with stroppy Mason Noise, Len Goodman losing it on Strictly, Harry Styles and his parking ticket, and we try to help poor Warwick Davis get his stolen caravan back.

[15:20] Brooklyn Beckham News - All about what the Boy Wonder has been up to this week, and how good looking he is or isn't. Who's been playing football with Harry Styles, who is 14-year-old Noah Shaw, who's been breaking the law with his skateboard, and a mystery cryptic tweet.

[17:05] Funny Things That Children Say - Did you ever get words wrong when you were younger? Where is Hitlers' Garden Centre?, that Googlebox Classic spoonerism with the female vicar, Kath and Kim's statue of the Baby Jesus or Babybel cheeses, back in a gypsy or jiffy, hairy ass or hilarious, one erection or One Direction, and more.

[21:00] Nia vs Liv - With a dramatic new jingle and an exciting mystery quiz, all about the strange names that children have for everyday food. What on earth are 'mould cheeses' and can you really eat 'gorilla yoghurt'?

[28:30] Spooky Time - Halloween jokes and a couple of true scary stories, involving ghostly goings on in a Surrey car park and a stranded student in Australia, who met the 'haunted car of doom'. And why hasn't Tesco's got any Halloween decorations, even though they do have Christmas stuff already - in October? Make's no sense. Christmas is Bae, I've been ready since May.

[33:55] End of the Show Time - Singing 'Girls on Film', the new crazy disclaimer and thanking Ralph Yancey, the first subscriber on SoundCloud.

Poor Warwick Davis and his Missing, Stolen Caravan.

A Furious Len Goodman (Head Judge on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing) Losing his Temper and Waving his Finger at Georgia May Foote - (YouTube video).

Moody Mason Noise and his Attitude, Making Simon Cowell Get Cross - on the X Factor - (YouTube video).

The Famous Smeagol Cat Saying - "No, no, no, no, no, no!', like Jim Trott from the Vicar of Dibley - (YouTube video).


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