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Podcast Notes - 23 Jan 16

- Episode 14: The Win a Dan and Phil Calendar Competition Podcast!

Photo of YouTube fans[00:00] What happened with you this week? - As always, the show starts off with a round up of what's coming up, including an exciting new feature, some more celebrity rhyming and an incredible competition - yes, you could win a Dan and Phil 'Get to Work' 2016 calendar. And lots and lots of voice messages have been flooding into the NiliPOD HQ, so we'll be playing out a mashup compilation of your messages very soon. Thanks for all of those, including a very lovely message from Star Wars actor and legend Warwick Davis. We appreciate you letting us know the latest on your stolen caravan situation Warwick.

Nia and Liv had a brilliant day out in Lyme Regis last weekend. It was so nice and sunny, so we thought we'd pop to the beach and light a big bonfire. But there was a bit of a problem - the pebbles on the beach started exploding and firing out of the bonfire like missiles! It was carnage and Liv wasn't sure of science, but did know first aid when she burnt her finger. The picnic blanket nearly caught on fire and we had to keep dodging the meteors, it was like a volcano erupting. But we did still manage to toast our marshmallows and record a vlog, before we had to evacuate the beach. Not sure if it made the local Lyme Regis news that night though.

We still haven't tested the Google Goggles yet with 3D YouTube videos have we? We're going to make a video in a bit and finally get round to doing some scientific research. So look out for that video and others on the revamped videos page of our website . Have you subscribed to us on YouTube yet?

We checked our NiliPOD website webstats the other day and they have gone through the roof. Our website now has nearly 400 pages - it is huge. We've got everything from podcasts, videos and cooking recipes, to jokes, games and competitions. We're getting around 20,000 people checking it out now every month, so maybe leave some comments on the forums page if you like anything in particular.

[05:55] Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother - This is our new feature and it is just so much fun. First, we talk about the current Celebrity Big Brother series on Channel 5, where David Gest has been sleepy all of the time. Sounds a bit dull, but there was drama when Angie Bowie said that David Bowie had died, and then everyone thought it was David Gest and started panicking. We play out the clips so that you can hear the drama unfolding. Then it's over to the fantasy house, and Liv got to fulfill her dreams and say: 'Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother House, this is Nia and Liv. You are live on the NiliPOD, please do not swear.' The crowds were cheering and we interviewed Ed Sheeran and Simon Cowell (briefly), before talking a little bit more in-depth to Adele and Justin Bieber - Howdy partner!' They both had some interesting things to say and share, about naked farting, sharing the toilet, using the kettle, embarrassing encounters, money, doubts, and seeing Simon Cowell when he'd just got out of the shower.

[13:30] Let's have some Shout Outs! - We do some shout outs to some of our new listeners and supporters, who have contacted us through YouTube and SoundCloud, as well as the social medias, including FaceBook and Instagram. Thanks so much guys for your support, happy listening, and sorry if we didn't pronounce your named quite right.

[16:00] Nia vs Liv - And now it's for the best bit, as Liv always seems to say these days, and she's not wrong there. This week's Nia vs Liv was a real corker with some more superb celebrity rhyming again. The game basically consists of some cryptic clues to describe a celebrity doing something, like '007 spy falls into a water feature in the garden', which would be 'James Bond falls into a pond'.

Disaster occurs when Liv goes to toss the double-headed 10p coin and finds out that Nia has accidentally spent it, and it cost a fiver as well! Well, that's sure to confuse someone. The game then starts and its a combination of fun, tension and competitiveness as usual, but who will win? Listen to find out just how heated it all gets, and don't forget to watch the YouTube video that accompanies this feature, because we film it every week. It's a bit like a game show, we have got proper printed cards to hold and everything!

[23:55] Girls on Film - It has been quite a few weeks since we talked about the latest movies out at the cinemas, and so we thought it was time for some more Girls on Film, especially as we have made a really cool jingle for this feature on GarageBand. We start off by saying what some of the best films (and the worst ones) are at the moment, but the title of Leonardo DiCaprio's big new film 'The Revenant' proves very tricky to announce. Nia kind of hopes that Leo doesn't win any Oscars for this film, because she likes saying that she has the same number of Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio - none!

But what's coming up in 2016, next week, next month and beyond? Nia reads out some of the top movie picks that are on the way, including 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' with the late and rather great Alan Rickman. And of course, it's not Girls on Film without talking about Zac Efron as Troy in High School Musical. But who knew that Zac mimed in High School Musical and didn't actually sing any of the songs himself, at all. And Donald Trump pops up in this feature as well, rather annoyingly. Liv reminisces about watching old Disney films round her nan's on those great big black block things, you know, what are they called, um.... video tapes perhaps?! And Liv then confesses that she thought Toy Story and the Polar Express were real and not cartoons when she was little, as she goes off on a tangent once again.

[35:30] Good News - It's all about feel-good fun news in the bedroom studio in this feature. We've cherry-picked all of the best stories that have been making the headlines this week, and there's some really, really good stories to talk about. Some of these include a potential scandal involving Zoella and her blog, rumours that Simon Cowell has piles, Phillip Schoefield and Holly Willoughby playing the Pie Face game with Ant and Dec (don't forget to watch our Pie Face video!), the Spice Girls reunion, One Direction splitting up for good, Davina McCall's toilet problems, and English astronaut Major Tim Peake's spaceman friend possibly wetting himself on his space walk, possibly. And of course, the Good News feature is rounded off with some lovely Brooklyn Beckham news.

[42:05] End of the Show Time - Yes, the show is almost over and it's been a really good one, but then Liv brings the mood down in the bedroom studio when she starts talking about Blue Monday last week - the most depressing day of the whole year. Things get back on track after talking about how to pronounce 'Bowie' off of David Bowie. Then it's revealed that some thickos think that pop star 'Ariana Grande' is a font on the computer!

It turns out that the big hyped Friends union is nothing more than a glorified chat show where some of the cast will be popping in to celebrate a famous director's success, and then, shock horror, Liv says that the winner of last week's £33 million lottery accidentally left their winning lotto ticket in their trouser pocket, and it ended up in the washing machine. Blimey, that was an expensive wash then! Tune in for more fun and crazy antics next week, when the Big Bag of Random will be making another welcome appearance on the podcast.

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