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Podcast Notes - 24 Oct 15

- Episode 3: Exciting Espionage Extortion Extravaganza and the Emperor's New Clothes

Small photo of girls laughing into microphone[00:00] What happened with you this week? - Talking about the new bedroom studio, crashing into a KFC drive-thru, wearing yin and yang headphones (how professional?!), and shout outs to the latest SoundCloud followers. And Liv and Nia are crazy about Panic at the Disco's new song, Emperor's New Clothes.

[04:10] Chart Chat - A review of Sam Smith's attempt at his James Bond song, 'Writing's on the Wall', which a lot of people seem to think bears a striking similarity to Michael's Jackson's 'Earth Song'. With some of the funniest of the 12,000+ comments on the YouTube video, including some that seem like they have been written by five year olds! This section includes a minor spoiler alert, so be warned.

[07:35] Brooklyn Beckham News - What has the teenage heartthrob been up to this week, with headlines that have literally been trending all over the world. Who's been at the theater in a green bomber jacket, and who's been wrestling on the living room floor with his dad and posting the photos to his Instagram account? Romeo, Romeo gets a mention and Liv headbutts the microphone.

[09:45] Nia vs Liv - Arguably the best bit, with the exciting dramatic jingle again and a James Bond themed challenge, named the 'Not Quite Right Quiz'. Lots of 007 questions that need silly answers, with just two minutes on the stopwatch. We find out that James Bond uses his gun for shaking his Martinis, Q makes bathtubs, people eat popcorn in the greenhouse, Octopussy is a spider, and Pussy Galore is actually a horse. And who knew that Tomorrow Never Dies is about yesterday, but who won? You can watch this challenge and last week's on the video page, as well as the NiliPOD YouTube channel.

[19:10] Movie Time -The 'Girls on Film' talking about the reviews for Spectre - exciting and spectacular, as well as dull and lacklustre. But who is looking more like Gollum in every Bond film, surely not Daniel Craig? Listen out for Gollum popping into the studio to say 'My Precious'. We find out what SPECTRE stands for and how the film is being advertised as simply a rather vague 'globe trotting adventure' by the Odeon. And who knew that the SPECTRE logo is really Nia and Liv playing twister

[25:00] Hollywood News - Nia and Liv managed to blag an interview with Paul Hollywood (kind of) when they bumped into him in Greggs. He was buying his weekly cakes and savouries, and recorded a quick exclusive interview, discussing the rumours that he may or may not be the next James Bond, and if 'M' really does stand for Mary Berry. Greggs was very crowded and Paul was tucking into a steak bake as he waited for his jumbo sausages to arrive, or should that have been jumbo sausage rolls?!

[28:15] Bake Off James Bond Films - This is possibly the funniest feature ever on the NiliPOD - so far. It includes a top ten chart countdown with Bake Off 007 movie titles. Without giving too much away - 'It's a non-mover at number 9, Goldfinger, which would be Sponge Finger!' And can you guess what ThunderPaul was about? It involves the male judge having bad wind. Finally, what film was it where Mel and Sue play with Paul's sticky buns?

[32:00] Good News - There is just so much going on this week, what with the new One Direction single (Perfect), Back to the Future Day, and the trailer for the new Star Wars VII film (The Force Awakens). News features include an important update in the search for Warwick Davis's stolen caravan, Simon Cowell's botox drama, Olly Murs and his £75 boxers, Adele's long awaited comeback (Hello Me), a festive Marks and Spencer computer blunder, Liam Payne's rather cheeky poo-based comment about their new album, and Britney Spears' embarrASSing wardbrobe malfunction. Finally, hooray for the boffins and their pee science, and a shocking catch for a Weymouth fisherman, who reeled in a huge shark this week.

[36:45] Spooky Time - All Hallow's Eve is approaching, and Nia and Liv are all ready for the big Fright Night with their epic Dan and Phil costumes. Spooky Time includes some hilarious jokes, which are followed by two terrifying tales - Graveyard Terror and Spooky Scary Skeletons.

[42:15] End of the Show Time - A round up of this week's show and what's coming up next week, on the 'NiliPOD Halloween Spook-tacular'.

Panic at the Disco singing Emperor's New Clothes.

Sam Smith singing 'Writing's on the Wall' video.

Britney Spears and her zipper unzipping while she sings 123 in Las Vegas (YouTube video).

Teaser trailer for the new James Bond Movie movie, Spectre-cular (YouTube video).

Two different trailers for the new Star Wars VII film, 'The Force Awakens' (YouTube videos).


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