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Podcast Notes - 12 Dec 15

- Episode 10: YouTuber Special with Dan and Phil, Joe and Caspar, and Zoella News

Photo of YouTube fans[00:00] What happened with you this week? - This is our tenth podcast episode and to celebrate this truly momentous occasion, we decided to have a YouTuber party in the bedroom. We went YouTube crazy this week with our 'YouTuber Special'. And so if you love Dan and Phil as much as we do, then tune in.

We even threw in a touch of Zoella, Joe and Caspar, and some of our other favourite YouTube celebs, so you are definitely in for a good show. There is even a competition to win an actual Dan and Phil comic (by Amazing Phil) and all you have to do is just email in with the codeword from this podcast. There is talk about Gale Damien, or was it Hurricane Dorothy or Storm Desmond? It's caused havoc and it was pretty bad. Liv has been opening her Phan advent calendar each day and she explains their ridiculous PhotoShopped pictures, but she can hardly walk because her legs are still so tired after doing the 'beep test' at school.

[06:05] YouTube Video of the Week - It's all go this week on YouTube, following the launch of their YouTube Rewind compilation. There's also lots of other videos that we've enjoyed watching, such as Muni the cross-eyed cat from Armenia, the dinosaur on a segway, and the baby that stops crying when it hears Adele singing. Our video of the week is the 'Ed Sheeran Peep Show Experience' where he sang for 30 seconds for just two Aussie dollars (he was in Australia at the time). Ed worked with DJs Hamish and Andy to pull off this funny stunt, but is he really the 'Sheeple's People' and what is the most unbelievable sentence in the world? We find this out and more.

[10:10] Another Star Wars Interview - What happened when we bumped into Star Wars baddie by the bakery counter in Lidls the other day? Well, he got in a bit of a strop when we tried to interview him, but then he's always a bit of a grumpy pants, isn't he?!

[11:35] Brooklyn Beckham News - Selfie-king Brooklyn has been up to all sorts this week. He's been taking photos of his dad David against a brick wall, and posing on the sofa with ripped jeans. However, mum Victoria has made a long list of dating rules for her son, who we like to call 'Golden Boards', because he has become such a whizz on his skateboard. We find out what these dating rules are, and whether or not Brooks will be spending his Christmas with James McVey off of The Vamps.

[14:35] Nia vs Liv - This week's challenge is obviously all about YouTube and its YouTubers. It's called the 'Backwards Forwards' game, because you take it in turns to answer questions about YouTubers Dan and Phil, the latest trending videos and other topical topics. But there was a massive twist involving a scary air horn and some Dan and Phil masks. It was so bad that it made Nia shake with terror and she had to take her bun out of her hair, but who are the most popular male and female YouTubers at the moment? It all gets very competitive in the bedroom studio.

[27:25] Girls on Film - We talk about the new YouTuber video starring Zoella's lovely brother Joe Sugg and his best bud Caspar Lee on a road trip. It is imaginatively called 'Joe and Caspar Hit the Road' and we loved this movie when we watched it recently on Amazon Prime. Many of their fans have been arguing about who was best, but in fairness, they were both really good. Caspar Lee fell into the canal in Venice, while ThatcherJoe had a good try at singing opera while serving up a pizza. We read out some more interesting and insightful comments from both Amazon and YouTube, but Liv's brain isn't quite working yet after the very loud air horn incident scared the pants off her in the Nia vs Liv challenge.

[31:25] Good News - There is lots and lots of good news and all kinds of other stuff this week. Is it right then there is hardly any religious programmes on TV this year, is Led Goodman really getting the boot from Strictly, and what is all this about Nigella again. Apparently she's been grilling cheese on salad leaves. Adele's bodyguard has led to celebrity's personal bodyguards getting a hunk rating in newspapers, but who's bodyguard only managed to get a measly 4 out of 10? Liv can't quite managed to say Cheryl Cole's new name, and there is more X Factor talk, because it is the final this week. Simon Cowell's burglary, the possible Hunger Games prequel films, Zoella's Vlogmas opening YouTube video and festive knits all get discussed as well.

[37:25] End of the Show Time - This YouTube podcast special is rounded up with a little bit of celebrity gossip about Selena Gomez and Niall Horan off of One Direction. We also discuss Disney's disappointment that the new Star Wars film, Episode VII: The Force Awakens, has been awarded a 12A rating at the cinema, because of its violent lightsaber scenes and potty mouth swearing, and what about watching YouTube through a cardboard box? We've still not found out how to do that.

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