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Filming YouTube videoMost weeks we like to choose one or two of our favourite YouTube videos to talk about. These are more often than not trending on the Internet, although we sometimes pick some more obscure ones.

These could include songs, movie trailers, movie clips, cute animals doing funny things, naughty children, pranks, things that make us gasp, and of course, things that make us laugh.

We love trawling through all of the YouTube comments to pick out some of the funniest. It is crazy how carried away people can get when watching videos, and also how cross they can get after reading what other people have written. It is often hard just picking out a few of these, because there are just so many funny and silly comments to choose from.

Would you like to nominate a YouTube Video of the Week? Then drop us an email and let us know all about it.

The archives below often include extracts from the show scripts and notes.

Video Archives

Top YouTube Videos of 2015 - We countdown the most watched videos of 2015. Unsurprisingly, they are all pop videos, but which ones, and will Adele make it to that much-coveted top spot at number 1?!

Ed Sheeran Peep Show Experiment - Australian Djs and funny men Hamish and Andy somehow get Ed Sheeran to hide behind a curtain and sing to anyone who pays $2 for the experience.

Aldi Christmas Advert - John Lewis Parody - Budget supermarket Aldi have done their very own version of the John Lewis Christmas advert, 'Man on the Moon'. It is very funny, but very cheeky at the same time.

Jennifer Lawrence and the Smosh Interview - Jennifer Lawrence pranks the Smosh boys during a Hunger Games interview by being obnoxious and awkward, getting worse and worse as the interview goes on.

David Attenborough and the Adele Interview - David Attenborough is persuaded by Radio 1 DJ Greg James to provide some wildlife narration to Adele's Hello video.

Jimmy Kimmel - The latest video showing how parents like to tease their children at Halloween, by saying that they've eaten all of their sweets that they got Trick or Treating the night before.

Downtown Abbey - Something rather unexpected at the dinner table, when Lord Grantham turns himself into a volcano of blood.

The Smeagol Cat - Not sure if this cat is cute or gross, but it is certainly funny when it 'speaks', kind of.

Pomeranian Puppy Sneezes - You can't go wrong with a token cute puppy, and this particular fluffy dog is about as cute as they come.

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