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Our Videos and Jimmy Kimmel's 2015 Halloween Candy Trick

YouTube video of the week logoWell, without being too self indulgent, we thought we'd talk about our YouTube videos first, because we've done quite a few now.

One of our favourites is where we sang the Dr. Jean's Banana Dance song in a restaurant, quite loudly.

That was so much fun.

Yeah, and some people even joined in didn't they.

Well, your brother did.

And the sausages were so tasty.

Check it out right here:

Then we made a Baking Halloween Cookies video.

Yep, and don't forget the Nia vs Liv challenges.

We are so grateful for anyone subscribing on iTunes and the YouTubes. We have 18 subscribers now. Thanks to our latest subscribers on YouTube - Madi, Fraya, Owen, Grace, Obsidian, Tyana and something Rockets.

Thanks guys.

And if you want to watch a funny YouTube video this week, then check out Jimmy Kimmel's latest 'I ate your Halloween candy' 2015 compilation. We'll link to this on our show notes page for this episode. Here's a quick taster.

Check it out right here:

YouTube Comments about the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Video (2015)

Here are some of the comments we've found online, and remember, these are all genuine, so draw your own conclusions:

PAUL PARANORMALZ says: Jimmy Kimmel looks like Jesus
Yes, he kind of does a bit Paul. Jesus Kimmel.

VICTORIA ROSE says: Where is nanny McPhee when you need her?
Or Super Nanny. Get those children on the naughty step, or perhaps the parents.

BARBARA EVANS says: I hope your children poop in your bed.
That is not very nice Barbie.

SISSY ANIME and lots of other people said: TURKEY BUTTHOLE
Turkey Butthole indeed Sissy. That was our favourite bit.

And then some mould cheeses Savannah.

OXXADAMXXO says: If only people would stop filming vertically.
I know, right?!

And finally, JIM FERGUSON says: It is not funny.
But it is though Jim.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015

And now we're going to check out the latest Christmas advert by John Lewis, which premiered on Channel 4's Gogglebox last night. We've not seen this and we don't know anything about it, so we'll describe it as we watch and let you know what we think.

So spoiler alert if you don't want to know anything about it. It is already been watch by around six million people of the YouTubes. Here goes then.

Check it out right here:

YouTube Comments about the John Lewis Christmas Advert Video (2015)

A few of the comments include:

LENA ZHAN says: I'm not crying, there is just a Christmas tree in my eye.
OK Lena, take it out then.

SIMON CLARK says: He would die of asphyxiation on the moon without a helmet and suffer radiation from the sun.
Killjoy Simon. It is not real.

JOSH IN G MINOR says: What a rubbish advert.
Why are you watching it then Joshua?

While GALAXY WOLF says: at 1:09 his fly in open!
We can neither confirm nor deny that observation Galaxy Wolf.

And there are also a lot of rather aggressive, sweary and abusive comments on there as well. Great to really get into the festive spirit there, just what John Lewis would have wanted.

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