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Scary Halloween Video and the Downton Abbey Dinner Table Ulcer

YouTube video of the week logoThis week, there are lots of funny videos that we've spotted.

Keep an eye out for Jimmy Kimmel's funny videos, where he makes parent's tell their children that they have eaten all of their Halloween sweets. They get better every year.

Some of the children are lovely and don't mind, others do mind and get rather Cross.

To help make our podcast more interactive, we are going to video us watching a couple of scary videos. We will describe every detail so that you can picture the picture.

First, Liv is going to watch a video of my spooky model Halloween Village that I made yesterday. She's not seen this yet. I've put descriptive words on the video so that people can understand what the figurines and animated pieces are, like the moving Grim Reaper statue. Anyway, let's play the video. Ready Liv?


Now, for our second Halloween special YouTube Video of the Week, we thought we could talk about the Downtown Abbey incident at the dinner table.

Now, we've only heard about this, but not actually watched it ourselves, so again we thought we could watch it now and describe what is happening for you at home.

Check it out right here:

Well, the Crawley family are all sitting around the dinner table.

There is Lady Mary.

Wait, what is the Earl of Grantham doing. He's standing up. Hang on.

Newspaper and YouTube Comments about the Downton Abbey Ulcer Video

The newspapers described it as a posh version of alien or the Exorcist. He are some of the comments we've found online, and remember, these are all genuine, so draw your own conclusions:

KAROLYN TIMARKOS says: And then he gave birth to Sigourney Weaver.
Yes, very funny Karolyn, like in Alien you mean.

SWAMPY says: I don't waste my eyes or electricity on this trashy programme !!!
No but you waste your eyes and electricity writing about it though Swampy, don't you?!

ENGLAND1966 - that is not blood, he just spilt his ketchup.
Well, I'm not putting any on my chips England 1966

CRABBIT says: Can you stop plot ruining please with all these spoilers?
Well Crabbit, Dumbledore dies, Augustus Waters dies, and Bruce Willis is dead all the way through, oh, and the Titanic sinks. Sorry Crabbit, that all just slipped out. Spoiler alert!

Oh, and Darth Vader is Luke's daddy.

ANDY S. says: I used to love Downton when it came out, but now I find it so so dull. There is never any drama or excitement.
Yes, absolutely Andy. It could do with some dinner table drama. Oh. Hang on, they have just done that though haven't they?!

CHLOE PARROTT - This is probably a stupid question but , does it hurt when 'people ulcers' burst?
Yes, stupid question Chloe, it does hurt quite a bit, so we've been told.

KEITH SOLLEY - but shouldn't his blood be blue?
No Keith, they are not royalty, just fictional uber poshos.

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