NiliPod - Another YouTube Video of the Week (21 November 2015)

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The David Attenborough Commentary for the Adele 'Hello' Video

YouTube video of the week logoWhile we are talking about videos, we really should mention that David Attenborough one that is doing the rounds.

Yes, he popped in to see Greg James on Radio 1, who talked Sir David into doing some joke commentary for Adele's Hello video. Greg had written up the narration for Sir David to read, but he wasn't really sure whether he'd be up for it or not.

After just a small bit of persuasion, David agreed and did the whole thing in just one take, reading it exactly like a wildlife documentary. What a true professional and a good sport.

Here's the funny YouTube video:

The Adele parody video has obviously given Sir David Attenborough endless amount of credibility and he has been trending now for days, making headlines in the newspapers and even appearing on the news all around the world. So, it looks like he will probably be extremely pleased that he did decide to read out Greg's silly commentary in the end.

We're not sure what Adele thinks, but no doubt she's heard all about it. She clearly has a good sense of humour, so she's bound to approve and give it her seal of approval, as well as her trademark laugh.

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