NiliPod - YouTube Video of the Week (21 November 2015)

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The Jennifer Lawrence Smosh Prank

YouTube video of the week logoSeeing as this is a Hunger Games podcast special, we simply have to mention the wonderful prank that Jennifer Lawrence played on the Smosh boys. Hunger Games actors Liam Hemsworth (Peeta) and Josh Hutcherson (Gale) join in by feeding J-Law questions through a hidden ear-piece.

This whole prank was dreamt up by Smosh superfan Dylan Miceli-Nelson, who wanted to give the Smosh boys a real taste of their own medicine, and he certainly successed on that front.

Basically, they are interviewing her and asking a few daft questions, and she is pretending to get offended and makes things just a little bit awkward.

First she gets a bit cross when the interviewer takes off his shoes. And then she tells everyone that she's not actually in a mood and it was all just a big joke.

Do take a look at that video, because they are raising money for charity for every 10,000 views, or something like that. The video has also been extremely succesdsful in raising awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, although if you are going to watch it, be warned - it will make you cringe just a little bit.

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