NiliPod - YouTube Video of the Week (10 October 2015)

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Pomeranian Puppy Sneezes

YouTube video of the week logoThis ridiculously cute puppy video now has almost 11 million views.

Basically, Roux the Pomeranian, a really fluffy puppy, does an epic sneeze and makes a rather unexpected noise. You have to hear it to believe it, and it is difficult not to say 'ahhhhh!' when you are watching it.

Check it out right here:

YouTube Comments about the Pomeranian Puppy Video

Here's some of the YouTube comments. These are all genuine, so draw your own conclusions:

HEAVY TROLLGUY said: Not sure whether to say bless you or to call an exorcist!

DREAM PURSUER said: I want this dog to be my alarm in the morning.

BUTT CUGG said: I laughed so hard at this that I got all excited and clapped my hands and I accidentally 'diarrheared' on the floor and now my mom is rubbing my nose in it.

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